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Drainwig, A Handy Little Gadget

Hi Neighbors!

I have a neat little gadget to share with you, called a Drainwig.  This is one of those wonderful little inventions that you wonder why you never had one before.  First let me explain here, that we have 5 females in our family, all with long hair.  That makes for some major drain problems occasionally.  We have had to remove several large hairballs that have created blockage in the pipes.  I have tried one of the drain covers, but every time someone wants to take a bath we have to remove it, and it doesn't always get put back in place.

Now, here is the idea of the Drainwig, you insert the chain with the small plastic whiskers hanging off, down your drain.  The Anchor or Flower, whichever you are using, prevents the product itself from going down your drain.  The chain and whiskers then catch hair as it goes down the drain.  Depending on the amount of hair that ends up in the drain you can replace your Drainwig every few months.  For those with a strong stomach, you can pull the Drainwig out of the drain and remove the hair buildup with scissors or your fingers (wearing rubber gloves of course).  If you prefer, you can just throw away the Drainwig and insert a new one.

There are two different Drainwigs available.  The Flower is designed for a shower stall, where the Anchor is designed for a tub.  The Anchor has a small suction cup on the back that you attach to the side of your tub.  This will allow the small thin plastic to be where your drain closes.

You can see how great these little things could be.  Now, of course I haven't pulled mine out yet, I just got them, but perhaps I can update when I do, so you can see how they worked.  You can purchase Drainwigs, HERE.  You will receive 4 for $19.95. (Free shipping)  And I have a code you can use for $5 off.  Just enter the code FIZZ5.  The number 5 at the end, not an s.

One neighbor will receive a set of Drainwigs.  They come 4 to a pack, either 4 of the same kind, or two of each.  Enter the giveaway now.

Thanks for stopping by!  See you soon!

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Nancy said…
A clump of lots and lots of hair is the worst thing we have found in our drains.
latanya t said…
just hair and paper.
Like you, hair seems to be the biggest problem with our drains.
jerseygirl137 said…
I guess the worse thing that have found was yucky slimmey hair and soap with some black stuff in it. It sure was gross.
Angie Bailey said…
Hair is the only thing that has ever clogged my drains but it's very gross after it's been there for a while! (Eigna Yeliab)
Jennifer Wilson said…
Nothing besides hair, but it's really nasty.
Jackie said…
clumps of hair are the worst we've seen.
Would love to try this. Our drain always run slow because of the long hair.
Angela said…
I just find hair.
Anne D. said…
Hair and the pipe scum (black and stinky:(
I'd love to try this product, because sometimes I really have a hard time getting the stuff out
annejk112233 at yahoo dot com
pmj said…
Just gross build-up of hair and soap and gunk!
benz1171 said…
Black sludge. benz1171(at)hotmail(dot)com
Beth said…
The hair, oh the hair...
heymissvirginia said…
I have two girls, so lots of hair and black gook. I have had tons of toothpaste caps, and had a set of keys that clogged my toilet too.
heymissvirginia at embarqmail dot com

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