Friday, January 9, 2015

Cupcake Bombs For Family Night!! #FoodieFriday

Yes, you read the title correctly-it does say cupcake bombs! You see, M recently came up with the idea of doing themed family nights every couple of weeks. Friday is usually our family night and consists of food, games, maybe a movie, maybe some challenges on Wii Sport...anything we can come up with. After their success with themed birthday parties last year, M and M decided that themed family nights would be a good idea. They have a whole list of possibilities, and are having a lot of fun with it. Tonight is our first one, and it's sort of an adventure, mystery-solving theme. Most people have heard of Nancy Drew I'm sure, which is the girls portion of the night. The guys weren't thrilled about attending a Nancy Drew family night though, so we added on a manly aspect-the Hardy Boys!

Of course with this theme, we have new names for the meal and beverages (such as Rush of Adrenaline for Capri Sun, and Truth Serum for the water). Games include a taste test, scent identification balloons, and a Bible mystery game. Oh, and I have to share this one-dynamite sticks! Don't worry, they're just Slim Jims wrapped in construction paper, and thread used for the fuse. I love these!

Along with the rest of the fun described above, we had to have a desert. M mentioned doing Cupcake Bombs (don't ask me where she comes up with all these great ideas!), so of course I was installed as the Cupcake Bomb maker. 

It's actually very simple-you can use a box cake mix, or your favorite recipe-and would be great for any boy's birthday party. Or of course, have your own themed family night! Here's how to make these little bombs:

24 Cupcakes (As I said, use your favorite recipe, or a box mix. Any flavor.)
Frosting (Again, make your own, or use a store-bought can.)
1 or 2 Twizzlers

Bake your cupcakes according to directions, cool, and frost. Cut Twizzlers in half lengthwise, then cut into desired lengths. Insert a piece of Twizzler in the center of each frosted cupcake, and BOOM! You have a bomb the entire family will love!


Angela Saver said...

Thanks for this idea! The kids will love it!

Connie Sowards said...

Even though my children are older I think they'd still get a kick out of doing this!

Marti Tabora said...

I love this idea, it's really simple and they are just as cute as they can be.