Monday, December 8, 2014

Wet Shave Club - A #GiftIdea That Gives All Year!

Hey neighbors!

Here is a gift that can give all year long!  Wet Shave Club allows you to gift 3 month or 6 month subscriptions to their monthly boxes.  Each month a goodie box with a razor, wet shave soaps, styptic matches and a few surprise items will arrive right at your recipients home!  Or if you want a one time gift, you can visit their Wet Shave Shoppe.  Through their shop you can purchase individual items, or sets.

Our Wet Shave Box recently arrived.  Inside we found:
A Wet Shave Club Double Edge Safety Razor with Leather Sheath
2 - Mickey Lee Soapworks Soap Pucks
A Shaving Brush
Small package of Super Max Blades (10 Blades)
Alum Matchsticks After Shave Astringent

A three month gift subscription is $79, while a six month subscription is $149.  Here is what you will receive:
In the first box you can expect: 2-3 oz of Shaving Soap, 1 Wet Shave Club Razor and Razor Cover, 1 Wet Shave Club boar bristled brush, 1 Pack of Styptic Matches, and 10 Blades.
In the 2nd through 3rd box you can expect: 2-3 oz of Shaving Soap, 1-2 oz of Aftershave, 5-10 blades, and 1-3 extra manly goodies that everyone will love.

What great way to show you care!  As I stated above you can also purchase the individual items through the Wet Shave Shoppe.  I saw a couple of things my husband and sons would like.  I am sure you will be able to find a few things too!  they have several after shaves and other men's skin care products.  I sort of like the Double Edge Safety Razor in rose myself!  

WetShaveClub is about bringing back the manly ritual of traditional shaving. A warm lather, a sharp blade, and 10 minutes of bliss. Experience the joy of wet shaving, with a monthly box filled with different soaps, blades, aftershaves, and more from around the world.

I know all three males in my family would be thrilled to be receiving a special box each month of shaving supplies, especially my sons as they have to shave daily for their jobs.  Be sure to follow Wet Shave Club on their social media as they have specials and giveaways that they share.
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Stop by their website and see if they have the gift you are looking for! Thanks for stopping by today!  See you soon!

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