Friday, December 12, 2014

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Holidays! #ToddyGear #BlackFire #HolidayGiftGuide

Howdy neighbors! 

Can you believe we're already into the second week of December? The holidays are not creeping up on us this year, they're racing! In case you're having trouble finding some little "stocking stuffer" gifts, here are a couple ideas for you.

For the tech-owner on your list, I recommend you check out Toddy Gear. They have some great tech accessories, and I was able to try one out personally-the Smart Cloth, in Power To The Pink design. This is a 5x7 cloth (also available in a larger size) that is dual-sided for all your tech cleaning needs. The soft microfiber plush side works great for removing smudges from any screen. Once you have it cleaned, use the silky design side to polish your screen up! I love that using the Smart Cloth means I don't need to carry a bottle of spray cleaner around anymore-just this simple, stylish cloth does the trick! It also works great on eyeglass lenses, so keep that in mind as well.

Another small gift/stocking stuffer idea comes from Blackfire, and it's the Clamplight MINI. There are so many uses for this handy little clip-on flashlight! I think it would be great for an amateur photographer; it's easy to clip on somewhere so you can have a spotlight on your photo subject. It's also great for outdoor activities after dark, when you need both hands free. For example, last week I was grilling out for a get-together with friends, but unfortunately we don't have a light near the grill. No problem, I just clipped the MINI to my hoodie collar, and grilled away! With the light shining directly on the grill, I could tell exactly when the steaks needed flipped and pulled. Honestly though, anyone could use a Clamplight MINI; keep one in the house, the car, toolbox, backpack, tackle box...anywhere you might ever have a need for a hands-free light!

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