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Senseez Pillows - Helping Children Sit Still #GiftIdea

Hey Neighbors!

Here is a really unusual #GiftIdea!  When I say unusual, I do not mean strange, but rather unique.  Senseez is a pillow that your child sits on that uses vibration to help them sit still.  They are perfect for home, school, travel, libraries and any other place you need your child to sit quietly.

Senseez was designed when a mother, who has a special needs child, had to solve a dilemma.  She had a vibrating mat, recommended by an occupational therapist, for her son that helped him to sit still.  Unfortunately, although it worked, if she wanted to take him to a library or use it somewhere else, it was too bulky and needed to be plugged in.  She also wanted him to fit in and not stand out by having a large mat.  Her search began for a smaller, pillow, that vibrated and would produce the same results.  Well, after and extensive search to no avail, she decided to build her own.  Senseez was born!

Here are some who would benefit from using the Senseez Pillow -
Children who:
Who have difficulty sitting for short or long periods of time
Who get distracted easily
Who have tactile sensitivities
Who have trouble concentrating
Who could use some help with relaxation
Who have difficulty with calming down
Who have difficulty getting to sleep
Who would enjoy being massaged

What do I think of the Senseez Pillow?  Well, we have already killed a pair of batteries in one day because my children thought it was great!  The pillow does require two AA batteries, but you could easily use rechargeable, so you would not have to constantly purchase new batteries.  Even my older children who sat on the vibrating pillow said it had a very soothing effect.

The pillow is entirely self-contained and portable.  The size makes it easy to take anywhere.  A zipper allows easy access to the vibrating unit to replace batteries.  The vibrating unit is then placed in thin layers of poly foam that will make sitting on the pillow comfortable.  The unit can be removed if desired.  The vinyl cover is water resistant, but not water proof.  There is a noise caused by the vibrating unit.  It is not loud, but may be distracting to some children.

I received the blue square, but the Senseez Pillow comes in several shapes.  All are priced between $39.99 and $44.99.  You can purchase a replacement vibrating unit for $10.00.  Not only do they come in shapes covered in vinyl, they also have touchables that are covered with different types of material for different sensations.

If you are interested in a Senseez Pillow visit their website for more information.  You can also follow them on their social media.
Facebook - HERE

Senseez Pillows are a wonderful #GiftIdea.  Thank you for stopping by today!


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