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Have any of you ever tried  This is a great resource for homeschoolers, but I also want to tell you to also works for those whose children attend public or private schools.  I recently received the opportunity to try out their Yearly Membership. is an unending resource of material.  You can download worksheets, lessons, as well as take online courses.  I am totally amazed at all that is available through this website.  If you or your child enjoys online learning, then you really need to visit their website and learn more. Review

I like their Schoolhouse Dailies.  This section allows you to go in and print off worksheets each day for a variety of subjects and varying age levels.  Not only is there math and grammar, but they cover other subjects, such as: writing, copywork, explorers, spelling and more.  I like using these worksheets for math and writing.  The writing gives daily prompts to help your child get started.  For example:
Describe yourself to someone who is sight impaired. You are going to have to rely on senses other than sight!
Your child then completes the writing assignment.  You can do this daily or pick and choose from the list of prompts.

I am also excited about starting the violin course after the holidays.  My daughter is getting a violin so we will be accessing this class quite often.  It is basically a video course, that has print offs for scales and such.  I have personally gone through and previewed a few of the lessons and M will be starting this in January.

We are also going to add the photography course.  My other daughter really enjoys taking pictures.  She is often playing with different settings to see what they will do.  This course will help her in choosing the right settings, finding the right balance and of course just generally increase her knowledge of photography.  This course is a text course that can be read online, or printed out.  I suggest when you print out a course like this one that you have a folder or binder to place it in, so your child can come back to reference it when needed. aso offers courses for children who have graduated or for adults who want to learn.  There is a course on Family Nutrition that I am interested in going through.  I will probably have the older girls try this one too.  This course is a mixture of text and video lessons.

As you can see there is so much to choose from.  This can be your curriculum source or you can use it in addition to your chosen curriculum, or perhaps for just electives.  You could use it for extra work to just help improve skills.

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A year's subscription to would make a great gift idea for homeschoolers!  There is a special going on right now through Christmas day.  You will receive 40% off the monthly price ($7.77 a month), or 50% off the yearly subscription ($64.26).  Homeschooling families who sign up at this special rate will keep this rate forever, as long as they maintain a continuous membership. Review

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