Thursday, December 4, 2014

Perpetual Commotion by Goldbrick Games #GiftIdea

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Here is a game we found at #CHITAG2014!  Two of the teens that went with me stayed at the Goldbrick Games booth for about 45 minutes playing this game.  It has quickly become a favorite!  We brought a copy of Perpetual Commotion home for review and I think my cards are almost worn out!

Perpetual Commotion is one of those fast paced, highly competitive games.  Just the kind my family and our friends like.  Just about every evening after dinner they pulled out the Perpetual Commotion box!  Our friends even borrowed it to take back with them to their cabin one night to play themselves.  They are going to buy their own Perpetual Commotion to have at home!  Even the youngest, 8 years old, played this game.  She often teamed up with someone else, but she did understand how to play.

Perpetual Commotion is perfect for family game night.  We try to have one about once a week.  It is also perfect for when some friends get together.  The game comes with 6 sets of cards, and there are two add on packs you can purchase so you can include more players.  We definitely could have used the add on pack as a few either had to sit out, or they had to team up.  Teaming up is not recommended as it gives a slight advantage, but we managed.

Each person receives a deck of cards.  The first time you really need to shuffle them quite a bit just to get the cards mixed up.  One person is chosen to start the game.  When they say start, you immediately flip over 5 cards face up in front of you from your deck.  You then stack 13 cards face down next to your five.  This will be the pile you use to fill in your five when you play a card.  Now, using the rest of your deck you count three cards and turn them over.  If you can play the top card at this point you may, otherwise continue counting off three cards and turning them over.   If you have any start cards in your 5 cards that are laid out face up, move them to the center of the table and replace them them from your 13 beside you.  Then proceed to flip your cards 3 at a time.  Start cards are immediately placed in the center of the table.  You then build on these cards with the cards numbered 2-12.  Whatever color 2 is placed on the start card, the rest of the pile must be the same color.  When you reach 12, someone may then play a stop card.  The first person to finish placing their 13 cards into play should shout, "Out!"  At that time all play stops.    Count how many cards are left in your 13 pile and those are your -points.  Set your shuffle cards and your five in front of you off to the side.  These ones do not count.  Then take all the piles in the center and divide them up into their proper deck colors.  Give them to the person who had that color deck so they can count them.  These are your + points.  Subtract your negative points from this amount and this is your final score.  Oh, and the person who went out first receives 5 extra points.  Keep track of the score and the first person to 150 wins.  Obviously you can change the winning score.  Also, you can only play one card at a time.  You can not slap three down all at the same time.

When we played teams with the younger ones, they were allowed to play cards and offer hints.  This gave a slight advantage to the teams, as they had two people watching the cards instead of one.  No one complained though because it allowed everyone to play.  Not to mention, they did not always win.

Do we recommend Perpetual Commotion?  Yes!  A resounding Yes!  Everyone enjoyed this fun game.  Be sure to follow their social media, so you will know when new games are released and any other helpful information.
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You can purchase Perpetual Commotion on their website, or it can be found on Amazon, HERE  If you are looking for a fun game for a gift, consider Perpetual Commotion.

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