Monday, December 1, 2014

Luna Star Naturals Cheer Chics Line #GiftIdea

Hey neighbors!

Here's one for the young girls on your gift list!  Luna Star Naturals has a new line for girls, it is called Cheer Chics and it is a hair and body care line.  In this lineup you will find, shampoos, conditioners, hair pudding, body lotion and a few other products.

My daughter tried the Cheers2U Shampoo and Conditioner, along with the Awesome All Star Leave In Detangler and Conditioner.  She really likes the fruity scent.  I like that it keeps her hair soft and shiny.  We both like that even hours later you can still smell the fresh fragrance in her hair.

All Cheer Chics products are made in the USA and have wholesome ingredients like Sunflower Seed Oil and vitamins A and D.  The line of Cheer Chics will now be available at Ulta where anyone can purchase them.

Luna Star Naturals has more than just the Cheer Chics line, so stop in and see some of their other natural care products for young girls.  We have previously reviewed some of their Klee Girls Mineral Makeup.

If you want to find out more about Cheer Chics from Luna Star Naturals be sure to follow Luna Star Naturals social media.
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I am going to share one thing I did not care for.  I don't like that the young girl (character) on the front is dressed in such a skimpy cheerleading outfit.  Yes, I know cheerleading outfits are getting smaller and smaller, but why make our daughters think they need to dress like this?  Would I purchase the product myself?  I am still debating that.  I know everyone does not feel the way I do, so I want you to know that the product itself is very good, I am just not sure about the image they are putting forward.

So, if you are looking for that extra little gift, be sure to visit the Luna Star Naturals website.

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