Monday, December 15, 2014

Klee Girls Natural Mineral Makeup #GiftIdea

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Do you have any pre-teen or young teen girls who are interested in makeup, but they really aren't ready for adult makeup?  If so, I have the perfect gift idea for you.  Luna Star Naturals has a line called Klee Girls.  It is a natural mineral makeup for teens.

I will say here, that my daughters do not regularly wear makeup.  I do however have at least one daughter who likes to put on plays for the family.  She likes to experiment with makeup then and of course she likes to try different looks on her sisters.  I occasionally get pulled in too!  When she does use makeup, I want it to be something that is natural and not full of chemicals.  Klee Girls meets those requirements.

You can purchase Klee Girls on Amazon - HERE.  You can also find Klee Girls in Whole Food Markets and at a few specialty shops you will find listed by state on their site.

Here is why I can trust Klee Girls:
Only wholesome, natural ingredients are selected for KLEE Girls natural mineral makeup, Sparkli Naturali play makeup kits and Pretendi Naturali face paint. Our Pinki Naturali water-based nail polish is so clean it is odor-free. We NEVER use parabens, artificial colors or any other harmful ingredients. We are a member of and follow the standards of the Safe Cosmetics Business Network.

So if you are looking for another special gift, take a moment to check out Klee Girls by Luna Star Naturals.

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