Saturday, December 27, 2014

JoySprouts Preschool App

Hey Neighbors!

Here is a really cute app for your preschooler.  It is called JoySprouts.  Designed for children ages 5 and under, JoySprouts allows your child to explore and learn while having fun with this preschool app.

In one of the options I was able to try, your child helps Garfield piece together a puzzle to find Pooky.  Your child solves a few problems and receives a puzzle piece as a reward.  By earning all the puzzle pieces they will help Garfield discover where Pooky is.  They will match colors, patterns and shapes as they work on the clues.  Rewarding a puzzle piece encourages your child to keep learning.

Another game they are able to play is "That's My Job", also starring Garfield.  In this option they choose a costume for Garfield and then have to match the right tools for the costume.  If he is a musician, they would choose the musical instruments, as an athlete, they would choose the sports equipment.

Also included was My dad.  In this one they will be following instructions and finding certain items.  They will need to locate his fireman's hat, boots, gloves and other items.

JoySprouts will help:
- Cognition and General Knowledge (Math, Science, and Social studies)
- Language and Literacy
- Learning Approaches
- Social and Emotional Development
- Physical Development and Health

You can sign up more than one child to play, and the app will each keep track of them individually.  JoySprouts will teach your child through play.  Characters are cute and entertaining.  If you have preschool children JoySprouts is worth checking in to!

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This looks like an excellent app for kids! Thank you!