Saturday, December 6, 2014

Heart Craft!

Hey Neighbors,

This is Lori's youngest daughter Mercy, We just decided I am going to be doing some posts on Saturdays!! So today it will be a craft for anyone who watches When Calls The Heart! Or anybody that likes hearts :)  One of my older sister's birthday is tomorrow and we are giving her a When Calls The Heart birthday party!

We were trying to think of some ideas to decorate so we decided to cut out hearts using red posterboard, and put #Hearties on them.  We are going to string them up.  Modesty came up with a good idea and said we should put them on straws!! We are also going to tape them on our shirts :) putting #Heartie Hope and the like on them!

Here is what we did:
What we did was get a sheet of a poster board and then we used cookie cutters to trace the hearts! then we cut them out , Modesty was the one that wrote on them, and then for the straws she cut little holes out to stick the straws through!!

Also if you have younger children that like When Calls The Heart, you could have them do this as a craft for a party! Cutting out the hearts would even work for a Valentines Day party :D

 I will be posting pictures of the actual birthday party next Saturday and showing ya'll the rest of the things we did to decorate!!

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