Monday, December 8, 2014

Groovy Girls Dolls - Manhattan Toy Company #GiftIdea

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So many gifts to buy and so little time left.  Do you have a little girl on your list?  If so, check out Manhattan Toy Company and the Groovy Girls!  I really like these dolls and if you will continue reading I will tell you why!

The very first reason I like these dolls is, they are not the perfect model sized doll.  They look like a doll should.  I tire of the dolls that look like model, where everything about them is "perfect".  The Groovy Girl Dolls are simply what their name states, fun dolls!

Another thing I like is they are soft.  Perfect for a little girl's first doll!  They are also the right size to go anywhere.  Approx. 13 1/2 inches tall Deck the Halls Dessa), they are so easy to take with you.  Grab and go.

Groovy Girl Dolls also have clothing that can be changed.  There are several cute outfits to choose from.  Looking for accessories?  They have those too!  There are chairs, couches, beds, they even have a bathtub!  You can also get the Groovy Girls House.

Deck the Halls Dessa, is so pretty.  She is dressed in red with gold, silver, green and white trim.  Her hair is in a ponytail and she has a pretty hair piece that looks like a crown.  She is a special edition Groovy Girls Doll.  What little girl wouldn't like to take Dessa home with her?  Or perhaps she would prefer one of Dessa's friends.  You will find several of them on the Manhattan Toy website.

Make sure you visit the Manhattan Toy Company website, as Groovy Girls Dolls are just one toy they offer.  They have many choices for holiday gifts both boys and girls.  Be sure to follow them on their social media to keep updated on new products.
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