Thursday, December 4, 2014

Give Tech Protection With Booq! #HolidayGiftGuide

Tech device accessories have got to be one of the most popular gifts on the list this holiday season. It seems everyone-from little children up to Grandma and Grandpa-have some sort of new tech device, be it the iPhone 6 or a Samsung Galaxy. So it makes sense to give them a gift to carry, protect, or accessorize their device, right? Well here's a great way to do that; the Booqpad!

I received the Booqpad for iPad Mini for review, and this has to be one of the neatest cases I've ever seen for any device. On the outside, it appears to be a very stylish and sleek case, but in reality it is so much more. Inside you will find, beside your iPad mini, a paper notepad. I think this is great for anyone who wants to take notes, write down a number or important piece of information or maybe for someone who just likes to doodle! The uniqueness doesn't stop there, though.

The Booqpad is one-of-a-kind in that it lets you remove the actual iPad case from the folio that wraps around and protects the device. This is so you can use the folio/wraparound as a stand, in just about any way you want! There are various viewing angles available for whatever your needs-reading, typing, playing a get the point. Removing the folio also allows instant access to the iPad's built-in camera. I know you're wondering how hard it is to remove the folio, right? Because no matter how neat or handy, if it's a pain to detach or reattach, it's not worth it. You'll be happy to know that you simply pull the case away. The folio is attached through magnets, so there's no effort needed. And for extra protection for your deice, Booq includes a screen protector!

Booq has cases for iPad and iPhone, as well as bags, carry cases, sleeves and backpacks for all kinds of devices. So be sure to check them out while you're checking folks off your shopping list!

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