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Clifford the Big Red Dog Food Science #GiftIdea


Here is a really good gift idea for homeschoolers, or just about any child who, likes to experiment or play with food.  Clifford the Big Red Dog Food Science Kit from The Young Scientists Club is such fun!  There are several experiments to create and have fun with.

The science kit comes with most of the items you need, just abut everything else can be found in your kitchen.  Inside the box you will find:
Plastic Bags
Measuring Cup
Test Tube Holder
Tissue Paper
3 Test Tubes
Clothes Pin
Pieces of Chromatography Paper
Regular Paper
Rock Candy Sticks
Measuring Spoon
Cup with Lid

You just need to add things like vinegar, baking soda, marshmallows, water, etc.

We decided to try the Exploding Marshmallow for the review.  You place a marshmallow on a microwave safe plate and place it in the microwave.  It says to start microwave for 15-20 seconds.  This will vary based on your microwave.  We actually had to add time, more than once on our first marshmallow.  We tried three different times, and although we never actually had one explode, they did slowly enlarge until they were almost the size of a softball.  Once they reached that point, they slowly started burning and caving in on themselves.  I did Google it to see if I was doing something wrong and apparently they either explode or do what ours did.  I think it might have to do with the wattage and how fast they heat up.  Anyway, after trying to clean the plate of burnt marshmallow, I was glad it hadn't exploded in the microwave.  Clean up might have been a bit difficult.

There are several other experiments that I know work, because we have done some of them previously, before receiving this kit.  You can make butter, make ice cream, dancing pasta, rock candy and a few other experiments.  Each experiment gives a list of supplies needed for the experiment.  It then walks you through the necessary steps.  At the end it explains what caused the reaction you experienced.  For example the Marshmallow:
Marshmallows are fluffy because they contain a lot of air.  The heat of the microwave causes the air to move very fast which causes the marshmallow to expand.

The Clifford the Big Red Dog Science Kits are shipped to your door monthly.  There are six kits which will arrive one a month.  Kits are $33 a month, which includes your shipping and handling.  You pay monthly for your shipments.  You may cancel at anytime, but must cancel at least 14 days before shipping.  These specific kits are for ages 3 and up.

There are other kits for older children that are from the Young Scientists Club.  They are The Magic School Bus and are recommended for ages 5-12.

This is a good gift idea for grandchildren, nephews and nieces and of course your own children.  Take a moment to follow their social media to find out about new products and specials.
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

One winner will receive on Clifford the Big Red Dog Science Kit.  Enter and share!  Thank you for visiting today.  See you soon.

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Nancy said…
I learned that they also have School and Group Packs available for sale.
Jenny Q. said…
I love the idea of a monthly subscription for my kids. It looks like it would be a great way to make learning fun.
Niclan80 said…
I learned that Young Scientist Club products are designed by a team of Harvard graduates and scientists as well as educators and parents.
I learned that they do fundraising opportunities!! How nice!!
jenncutie at hotmail dot com
Kristin W said…
I learned that there is a monthly subscription you can get for the little science lovers in your house!
Unknown said…
I learned that fundraising opportunities include 20% cash back to your school on all orders!
Angie B said…
It was founded in 1999

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