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Modarri - The Fun Toy Car! #GiftIdeas

Hey neighbors!

Modarri cars make a super gift idea for that youngster in your life.  These aren't your average toy cars.  These cars are built to impress.  They move smoothly as you finger drive them on your chosen track.  They have a realistic steering and suspension.  I am thinking these cars are going to become a favorite in the eyes of the receiver!

The cars presently come in 4 designs: a street car, a dirt car, a track car and a DIY car.  The DIY was sort of our favorite because we chose the paint and painted it ourselves, more about that later.  Each car comes with a hex tool and three orange cones.  You might be wondering why a hex tool is included, glad you asked.  You can take these cars apart and rebuild them.  You can also mix and match if you have more than one car. Each modular car includes a chassis, hood/windshield, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, hex tool, four wheels, front and rear suspensions.

Now, as I mom, I know you are thinking, little tiny screws.  Yes, I know normally little tiny screws get lost until someone steps on them or the dog or cat eats one.  Not so with the Modarri cars as they stay retained in the toy.  These cars are recommended for ages 8 and up as taking the cars apart and putting them back together does require some coordination and skill.  I think some younger children could enjoy them with adult supervision.

Now, I received all 4 of the Modarri vehicles.  As I stated earlier our favorite was the DIY because we painted it ourselves.  This car does not come with it's own paint, so you can go and choose acrylic paint in the color/s you would like.  We had a small hint given that nail polish also works!  Of course we chose to use nail polish.  We have plenty on hand, and it comes with the perfect size brushes.  We decided we wanted a girly looking vehicle.  I think we did pretty good!

The Modarri vehicles are available separately for $19.95 each, or you can purchase a three pack for $49.95.  Remember we suggested these for children 8 and up?  When I say 8 and up, I mean the up.  I believe many "adult" males would like to receive these as a gift also.

The one above is completely taken apart.  You can transfer out the pieces and wheels with any of the other cars.  Simply grab your hex tool and loosen the screws.  Once you decide what you want to put back together grab it and tighten everything up.

Here we traded out wheels.

Which car below would you choose?  I am sure you chose the one we painted!

Here you can see the actual workings around the wheel.  This makes them move smoothly.  Also the last picture shows the screw that stays attached to the wheel.

The winner of this giveaway will be allowed to choose any one car.  Please take a moment and visit the Modarri website and if you can follow them on Facebook - HERE.  You might want to also follow their other social media.  Twitter - HERE  Pinterest - HERE

Thank you for dropping by today!  See you soon!

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I like the SI Street Car from Modarri.
Janet W. said…
I might choose the S1 Street Car.
Karen O said…
I too would choose the S1 Street Car.
Courtney B said…
I like the dirt car!

Thank you !:)
Diane W said…
I think I would choose the X1 Dirt car. I think the little boy I have in mind would love it.
Unknown said…
My youngest grandson would really have some fun with the DIY car.
Alina Hahn said…
Our son would love the T1 track car!
I like the street car. This looks like a fun project for Christmas break.
Nancy said…
We would select the Street Car if we won.
Angela Saver said…
I would pick the X1 Dirt Car!
Unknown said…
I'm really hoping I win because I would love to choose the T1 Track Car for my son! I think he would be thrilled to have one of these cars to "build" himself! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fun Christmas gift!
Anonymous said…
My nephew would X1 car!
ReggieMann said…
I would choose the DIY Car
Jessica Gipson said…
My son would love the T1 track car.
I like the S1 Street Car. Thanks for the chance to win!
Unknown said…
My grandson and daughter would love the X1 Dirt Car

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