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Gifts From Kaleidoscopes To You!

Hey neighbors!

A few years ago I worked with Kaleidoscopes To You, so I reached out to them about our Holiday Gift Guide.  They said yes and sent me the most beautiful Kaleidoscope necklace.  I know, I know, when I said Kaleidoscopes you immediately thought of children and toys.  Yes, many kaleidoscopes are designed for children, but you will be amazed by the variety and intricacy of many of the kaleidoscopes available on their website.  I was!

This Butterfly Kaleidoscope is so tiny, feminine and delicate.  It is approx. 1 1/2 inches long.  It is silver and has a butterfly perched on one side.  Even the chain on this necklace is pretty.  Here is the official description: This shiny silver butterfly kaleidoscope necklace is a favorite of all ages, with the butterfly made up of a silver swirl and 4 sparkling CZ crystals. The pretty pendant is strung on a 28" long silver tone chain, making it easy to peek inside your kaleidoscope necklace at your leisure, or share the stunning secret inside with a friend.

What a unique gift idea! I am sure many of you remember owning a kaleidoscope at one time as a child.  Looking through the tiny hole, watching as the colors swirled and changed shapes.  Here is not only a beautiful gift, but for some us it holds treasured memories.

Be sure to check out Kaleidoscopes To You and see all the different choices you have.  Some are for display, while others can be worn.  Some are made from wood, and others are made of metal, like brass.  You will find some as tiny as my necklace and others large enough to place on display stands.  They also carry supplies to build kaleidoscopes.

Do you know who invented the Kaleidoscope?  Here is a little information:
Kaleidoscopes were invented in 1816 by David Brewster a Scottish inventor. Sir David Brewster was studying many aspects of physical Sciences including polarization optics and the properties of light. While looking at some objects at the end of 2 mirrors He noticed patterns and colors were recreated and reformed into Beautiful new arrangements. He named this new invention after the greek words meaning beautiful form watcher. kalos, the greek word for beautiful, eodos, the greek word = shape scopeo, the greek word = to look at.
You can read more on the Kaleidoscopes To You website.

Below here are just a few examples of some of the other types of kaleidoscopes they carry.

Now neighbors, I personally think any one of these kaleidoscopes would make a great gift idea.  I really like my kaleidoscope necklace and I am sure there are others out there who would love to own one.  When you start gift shopping, consider adding Kaleidoscopes To You to your shopping list.

Kaleidoscopes To You is going to send the winner of this Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway a Kaleidoscope Necklace just like mine.  Be sure to enter and then share this giveaway!  Thank you for stopping by today!  See you soon!

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Jackie said…
I like the Birthstone Necklace, March with real Aquamarine, Kaleidoscope Necklace By Kevin and Deborah Healy.
Thank you!
I like the Classic Tin Toy Kaleidoscope.
latanya t said…
N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope
Colleen Maurina said…
I also like their Wooden Kaleidoscope in Walnut. I have always been fascinated with kaleidoscopes!
andrea v said…
I like all of them. If I had to pick I like the necklaces or Collier Kaleidoscopes, Chrome Series Trio, Cathedral Window
saralynns2 said…
How unique! I like the Ferris Wheel Gifts, Musical Kaleidoscopes, Import Plays "Over the Waves" :)

Mary said…
I like the Wooden N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope. So pretty!
Nancy Loring said…
I really liked the Wild Iris kaleidoscope. These are beautifully made.
Nancy Loring said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
pmj said…
Blue Iridescent Stained Glass Kaleidoscope with Butterfly theme, Unique Gifts, By Artist Geri Omohundro.
Mary Gardner said…
I like the Mini Saturn In Sterling Silver Necklace Kaleidoscope By Artists Healys!
Angela Saver said…
I really like the Musical Kaleidoscope with Art Glass Globe - Plays Canon in D.
Unknown said…
I like the Sterling Silver Kaleidoscope Necklaces Long Hearts and Flowers by Kevin and Deborah Healy.
Unknown said…
N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope is great and is my favorite.

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