Thursday, October 2, 2014

WorkIt Wednesday : SGMA Hall of Fame 5K Results!

Hello Neighbors,

This is our first WorkIt Wednesday after our first 5K, so I wanted to update you with the results!

SGMA Hall of Fame 5K

We got up early Saturday morning and prepared for the race.  Had breakfast, did a little packing, etc. , and left the hotel around seven fifteen.

We arrived at the LeConte Center (where the race was being held), and checked in, stretched, etc. At exactly eight o clock, the race started!

Between the altitude and my allergies already bothering me, we had to walk quite a bit.  We still make pretty good time though between speed-walking, and jogging.

H. came in third in her age group, and I came in third in my age group.  Not bad for our first 5K!

So, we did pretty good.  I will be back later this week with some review of products I have been using for training, and such.  

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