Monday, October 6, 2014

Should You Get a Pet for the Holidays?

Hi Neighbors!

For this Petacular Monday, I wanted to hit a subject that can be a bit touchy.  Many times people decide to add a pet to the family around the holidays.  Is this a good idea?  Let me share a few thoughts on this.

I fear that around the holidays it is often an emotional time and people decide to get a pet without thinking it through.  Sometimes they give in to a child's request or they see that cute little puppy or kitten and  make an impulsive choice.

Holidays are often an emotional and stressful time of year anyway and adding a new pet with extra work may not be the best idea.  House training while having company for the holidays or a very hectic schedule is not the best idea.  A new pet can get lost in the shuffle.  Image too, how this pet will feel coming in to your home with all the activity going on.

My suggestion is, if you have seriously considered a pet and the changes it will bring to your home, think about giving a pet gift basket with a card stating that you will be picking out your new furry friend after the holidays.  This will make for a happier holiday for you and it will also lower the stress placed on your new pet.  If you have already picked out the new kitten or puppy, perhaps the person will hold it until after the holidays. This way you could include a picture and then make plans to go get them once everything settles down.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!  See you soon!

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