Monday, October 20, 2014

Petacular Monday Our Baby Chinchilla!

This is mom.

Hey neighbors!

We recently acquired a couple of chinchillas.  A regular dark gray female and a white male.  We decided to add one more and picked her up Saturday morning.  She is a beautiful pale gray color.  She was getting along great with the male, but not the other female.  We decided to separate them and have the male and newest female together and the older female by herself.

This was right after we put the kit in with her.
Imagine our surprise this morning when a baby chinchilla was running across the floor.  Now came the dilemma, which female did she come from.  We immediately decided it would be the older chin since she did not want anyone around her.  Well, we were wrong.  The minute we showed her the baby she tried to attack it.

Here she is cleaning her kit.
Next we died the younger female.  She started sniffing the baby and the kit started making little chirping type noises.  We reunited mom and baby and made sure the little one could not get out.  Baby immediately crawled under mom to nurse.

The young one is so adorable.  Baby chinchillas are born with their eyes open and hop around.  This one is following mom around their cage.  We took a couple of pictures to share with you.

What do you think?  Isn't the little one cute?

See you soon.  Our first Holiday Gift Guide post is going up this afternoon!

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