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Happy Birthday, Strawberry Poke Cake, and #FoodieFriday!!

I apologize for this week's Foodie Friday post not actually being posted on Friday. Yesterday was my youngest sister's birthday-she turned 14-and as you can imagine, it was a busy day. This past year we've started doing themed birthdays for the children, and for M we opted for a Sound of Music theme. It's one of her favorite movies; she loves singing the songs, reading every book about the Von Trapps she can find, and trying to talk her siblings-including 2 brothers-into watching the movie with her!

For her birthday meal, we wanted to stay with the SOM theme. With that in mind we did some research and decided on a menu. For dinner, schnitzel with noodles. To drink, tea of course! What else would you have while you're singing the Do-Re-Mi song? In case you're wondering exactly what schnitzel is, it's simply meat that is pounded into a very thin piece, dipped in egg and flour, then coated with a mixture of bread crumbs, salt and pepper, and fried in the skillet. It doesn't sound very flavorful I know, but it was delicious! M's 17 year old sister actually made this all by herself, and M was thrilled! Of course we had egg noodles to go along with it, because you can't have schnitzel without least not if you're following the Von Trapp family's example!

The cake was my contribution to the party. (And the tea...somehow I always get talked into making the sweet tea, I think because I add more sugar than anyone else...). I used a really nifty new pan-that will be featured in our holiday gift guide, by the way-and made a strawberry poke cake. You may know this by the name jello cake, but basically you bake a white cake, poke holes all over the top and pour a jello mixture over the entire cake. You can top with fresh or frozen berries (match to your flavor of jello) and whipped topping, then chill for a few hours. This is one of our family's favorite desserts, and it worked perfectly for the edelweiss cake. After baking, topping and "frosting" with whipped topping, I made a cream cheese-whipped topping-powdered sugar frosting, and separated for the necessary colors. Using pictures my online search had pulled up, I piped an edelweiss flower on to of the cake. Not as elaborate as some of the SOM theme cakes I've seen online, but it stayed with the theme and allowed M to enjoy one of her favorite cakes on her birthday!

Obviously the strawberry poke cake can be decorated a number of ways; the edelweiss flower is only one option! Dress it up however you like, the cake is a stunning dessert that your family will love.

Strawberry Poke Cake
White Cake Mix
Eggs, Oil for cake mix
8 oz. Tub Whipped Topping
8 oz. tub Frozen Strawberries in Sweetened Syrup
Strawberry Jello Mix

Frosting (optional)
4 oz. Whipped Topping
4 oz. Cream Cheese, softened
1 cup Powdered Sugar

Bake cake according to directions. You can make it as a 13x9 cake, or use two 8" pans for a layer cake. Let cool. If making a layer cake, top bottom cake with defrosted strawberries, set other cake on top. Use a fork to poke holes over the entire cake.  Boil 1 cup water, dissolve jello mix. Stir in syrup from defrosted strawberries. Pour mixture over cake evenly. Top with strawberries. Frost with whipped topping. Chill for 3-4 hours before serving. Refrigerate any leftovers.

Frosting-If you'd like to add a decorative touch to the cake, such as my edelweiss flower, blend taught frosting ingredients until smooth. Add to the cake in any design you like!


Eternal Girl said…
yum! the recipe looks good!

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