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Gift Ideas For The Chef!! #LoveCooking #Giveaway

How many of you love cooking? I love cooking, baking...anything in the kitchen working with food. Many times the items that head my wish-list for the holidays are tools and accessories for the kitchen. For any of you who are like me, or who have a relative or friend like me, here are a few incredible gift ideas for the upcoming holidays! Love Cooking allowed me to choose a few items for review, and today we'll take a look at 3 of them. The Mrs. Fields Fill n' Flip Round Locking Layer Pan, The Cool Bake, and the Scoop N Cut Cookie Tool. I just love having an excuse to bake, and trying out new products is the best "excuse"! The Fill N Flip is honestly my favorite. (Although it's very closely followed by the Cool Bake). I love creating cakes of all flavors and kinds, but one of my most-requested cakes is a strawberry poke cake, also known as a Jello cake. This is one of the tastiest desserts ever, but I like to add strawberries on top of the cake, with a la

WorkIt Wednesday : MaxFlowSports Review

Hello Neighbors, Back again bright and early this morning for WorkIt Wednesday.  What are some of you necessary items for your workouts?  Some of mine include: a good pair of athletic shoes a good pair of athletic socks a pair of culottes/athletic skirt a good headband that will actually stay on my head etc. ....    If these are some of your requirements, then let me tell you, you are going to be so happy with this next review and giveaway. MaxFlowSports sent me a Pink Cross Grip Headband (meant to STAY on your head), and a pair of Pacific Blue Low-Show Women's socks.  So, these solve two of my necessary items for a good workout! Now, I have to tell you - as soon as these arrived, my older sister H. snatched the socks, and my little sister M. grabbed the headband (she loves anything and everything pink, and when it was a stay put headband, why not?!?!?)!  :)  So, I have had these for a couple days to review, but my sisters now have both of these items that I

Brilliant Sky Toys and Books Holiday Gift Ideas

Hey Neighbors! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is go shopping for a toy for a child, especially if they are not your own.  When I have this type of situation I like to have a store around like Brilliant Sky Toys and Books .  This is the type of store where you are greeted as you walk in the door.  There is actually someone there who can assist you in your search for just the right toy. I was sent three different toys from Brilliant Sky Toys and Books to assist in my review.  Please remember that this review is not about the actual toys, but about Brilliant Sky and the types of toys and gifts you will find there. Here is an example: I received Squigz.  They are little rubber shapes with suction cup ends.  Toys like this encourage imagination and exploration.  Your child can build and re-build creating whatever comes to mind.  You might even find yourself joining in!  This is the type of toy Brilliant Sky carries. 5 years ago Brilliant Sky Toys and Books decided to g

Jamberry Nail Wraps! What Fun!

Hi Neighbors! I am so excited too share this next product for our Holiday Gift Guide with you!  I was contacted by Sara, who is a Jamberry consultant.  My daughters were so happy when they heard about this one  They love to have girl's nights and do each other's nails, hair and occasionally spa treatments. Anyway, Jamberry has some of the most beautiful nail wraps I have seen.  Think Holiday gift idea!  We discussed them and changed our minds more than once.  We finally decided on the Pirouette and Touch of Lace.  Remember this was a very difficult decision here.  I personally liked the Let It Snow for the holidays! A little about Jamberry Jamberry wraps come in two sizes.  Junior Sizes for girls 8 and under and Adult sizes.  You can tell the difference because the Junior sizes show two small nail images, while the adult show one larger one.  Jamberry wraps are easy to use.  I will explain that in a moment.    Jamberry was started by three sisters who enjoye

Kid's Academy Apps for Preschoolers.

Hey neighbors! Check out. These new apps for pre-schoolers. Just had the opportunity to sample the Bingo ABC Alphabet Phonics .  A cute, yet simple and fun app for pre-schoolers.  I like that you can click on other objects.  There is also the ability to use the Karaoke option. Along with The Bingo ABC  Alphabet Phonics we checked out their Pre-School and Kindergarten Learning Games .  In this app children will learn to form numbers and letters.  They trace forms on the  screen and then have the opportunity to form them themselves.  The graphics will be appealing to young children. The last app we were able to try was The Kid's Academy ABC's.  This educational app has cute characters that assist your child in learning.  We were able to guide a puppy through mazes while learning rhyming words, and other skills.  This app also has cute little graphics to encourage your child in the learning process. Thank for stopping by today!  See you soon!

Happy Birthday, Strawberry Poke Cake, and #FoodieFriday!!

I apologize for this week's Foodie Friday post not actually being posted on Friday. Yesterday was my youngest sister's birthday-she turned 14-and as you can imagine, it was a busy day. This past year we've started doing themed birthdays for the children, and for M we opted for a Sound of Music theme. It's one of her favorite movies; she loves singing the songs, reading every book about the Von Trapps she can find, and trying to talk her siblings-including 2 brothers-into watching the movie with her! For her birthday meal, we wanted to stay with the SOM theme. With that in mind we did some research and decided on a menu. For dinner, schnitzel with noodles. To drink, tea of course! What else would you have while you're singing the Do-Re-Mi song? In case you're wondering exactly what schnitzel is, it's simply meat that is pounded into a very thin piece, dipped in egg and flour, then coated with a mixture of bread crumbs, salt and pepper, and fried in the