Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WorkIt Wednesday : Last Training Update!

Hello Neighbors,

How is everyone doing this evening?  I am trying to get in some packing, but wanted to take a minute to share about our training this week.

SGMA Hall of Fame 5K

Sponsors :
  • BottleBand
  • TrailHeads
  • FitSok
  • Modest Poppy
  • Ozeri
  • Words to Sweat By
  • BolderBands
  • FlipBelt
  • runninGluv
  • MaxFlowSports
  • LaceLockers

Bottle Band is a band that basically turns any bottle into a handheld - great for when running!  We have used this several time during training and it definitely helps having something to hold unto other than the bottle.  I am soo glad that I'll have mine for the 5K.  

TrailHeads sent me a running cap that will be great for the 5K.  My older sister has tried stealing this one, just because of how light and breathable it is.  The white looks great with anything, and helps shade your face from sun or rain!

Sorry for the sweaty pic!  :)

FitSok has seriously become one of my favorite brand of socks. I LOVE the F4 tech socks and the comfort they give, while my sisters like the CF2 JewelPop socks (I think they like the Pop of Color!).  If you are looking for a new pair of socks for running (or any other sport), check out FitSok!

This is my favorite skirt/outfit now for sports of any kind.  My only wish is that it was a little bit longer.  It doesn't look bad, just personal preference.  My sisters have both tried buying this off of me.  I love that the leggings are attached to the skirt.  No more having to search for the right length!

As you all know, the Ozeri Pedometer has really helped me track my steps, mileage, etc.  I like that the buttons are big and easy to press, and the belt clip has been GREAT!  

The 5K + Tread Necklace that Words to Sweat By sent me has been quite a motivational product (as well as all the compliments!).  :)  If you know of anyone participating in a race, purchase one of these to help motivate!

I received a BolderBands Headband for review, and as you can tell, my sister really likes it.  She has used it several mornings during training and loves how wide it is.  She said it is the only headband that she can wear without it feeling like it is falling off, or pulling her hair out. 

I received two runninGluvs for review.  I have been using one for training every day, and yep, you guessed it, my sister took the other one!  It has really helped to be able to just reach up and wipe the sweat away, instead of having to slow down and use a sleeve or tissue.  When we were running yesterday I forgot to bring it, and I kept swiping my hand across my face, because I have used this so much.

My sister loves the MaxFlow Sports Athletic Socks we received.  She has decided that those are hers, and she wears them all the time for training.  My dad asked if athletic/sports socks were really made any different than regular socks.  Yes, they are, and they help more than you can imagine!

LaceLockers sent me a pair of their Ladybug LaceLockers.  These are REALLY helpful when running or doing other physical activities (such as volleyball, racquetball, tennis, basketball, etc.)  where your shoes might come un-tied.  No more loose laces!!

This weekend we leave for Pigeon Forge, so I will not be posting a training update.  The race is on the 27th, so I'll probably let you all know the results on WorkIt Wednesday - Oct. 1st.  Be sure to check back for any updates about our trip!

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