Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WorkIt Wednesday : Announcing...

Hello Neighbors!

Here is the news I have promised to announce this Wednesday...

My two sisters (H. and M.) and I are participating in the SGMA Hall of Fame 5K Run!

SGMA Hall of Fame 5K

Okay, so we play all sorts of sports (volleyball, racquetball, etc.), take TaeKwonDo, etc., but we haven't done a whole lot of running.  Just about two weeks ago the three of us saw this and decided to sign up and start training.  

Current Sponsors :
  • FlipBelt
  • runninGluv
  • FitSok
  • LaceLockers
  • BolderBands
  • Words to Sweat By
  • Ozeri
  • MaxFlow Sports
  • TrailHeads
  • Modest Poppy
  • BottleBand
Okay, so now I'll tell you a little bit about our training.  Five days a week the three of us head out for a run.  We started out with intervals of 1 minute run, 1 minute walk, etc. and have slowly upped it.  We have had a couple of cooler mornings, but other than that it has been pretty hot.  We come back dripping with sweat, and threaten mom with hugs.  :)

Here are a couple products that have been really nice to have during training...

The Ozeri Pedometer has been really helpful.  It not only counts steps, but mileage, time, calories, etc.  It counts the steps pretty accurately and it comes with a belt clip to clip unto a belt or waistband.

Another sponsor's product/s that have been great is FitSok's sports socks that they sent.  I received two packs of socks, and have had several pairs "borrowed" by my sisters.

FlipBelt is a must have for any walker/runner.  It is a belt that has a single tubular pocket with four openings (two in the front and two in the back).  It is really nice to stick a phone, mp3 player, cash, etc. into the pockets and know that everything is safe.

MaxFlowSports sent me a pair of Low Show Women's Performance Socks, and a Cross-Grip Hairband.  I have to tell you.  The first day we used these, one sister took the pair of socks, and one sister took the headband.  My little sister (M) is loving the headband for any sports we do.

I'll be back next WorkIt Wednesday with more products that I have been using for training, as well as a review or two!  See you At the Fence!


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