Thursday, September 11, 2014

WorkIt Wednesday : 5K Training Update... On Thursday!

Hello Neighbors,

SGMA Hall of Fame 5K

How is everyone doing this afternoon?  Sorry this didn't go up yesterday like it was supposed to.  We ran some errands it it just slipped through.  Let's get started!

Sponsors :

  • FlipBelt
  • runninGluv
  • FitSok
  • LaceLockers
  • BolderBands
  • Words to Sweat By
  • Ozeri
  • MaxFlow Sports
  • TrailHeads
  • Modest Poppy
  • Bottle Band

First up is MaxFlow Sports.  I have used their headbands a couple times, and although it is a little tight for me (I don't know, maybe I have a big head!), my sister loves it.  And these low show performance socks are GREAT!  

Second up is the Sports/Swim Skirt with Leggings from Modest Poppy.  This skirt is GREAT!  I was previously wearing a pair of denim culottes, and as you can imagine, the difference in weight was pretty big.  The first time I tried on the skirt I was amazed at how lightweight it was.  

BolderBand sent me two headbands (one for me, and one to giveaway!).  My sisters have fought over who was going to wear this headband.  It is very comfortable and is great for on cooler mornings, because you can pull it over your ears.  

Another product we have used quite a bit is the FlipBelt.  You might be conscious of it at first, but after a while you just forget about it.  The one day after running I totally forgot to take it off!  My little sister is begging to be allowed to use it at the race to keep the phone and other necessities in.  

Fitsok sent me two packs of socks (three pair each).  The F4 TECH SOCK 3PK (which are my personal favorites) and the CF2 JEWELPOP CUSH LOW 3PK (which my sisters are "sharing").  I love the cushioned tabs in the front and back of the 54 Tech Socks which help prevent blisters and chafing.  

TrailHeads sent me their TrailHeads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Running Cap - white / white trim.  This has come in handy on sunny days (to help keep the sun out of my eyes) and even on drizzly days (like this morning, to keep the rain out of my eyes).  I LOVE the wicking fabric used for these caps.  

Okay, so how many times have you been out running and you have to stop and wipe the sweat out of your eyes, or carry a tissue when your nose is running?  It has been a problem for us before.  That is, until... runninGluv!  I received a Black LUVs Pink with Pink Stitch.  And guess what, it solved the issue!

Okay, this one is more of a motivational product.  We all have those moments when we feel like we can't do it anymore, or think "Is it really worth it?".  Words to Sweat By sells all sorts of motivational products.  Do you know someone that is participating in a 5K?  Purchase a Running Necklace: Tread + Race Distance for them!

BottleBand sent me their Purple Run Like a Girl BottleBand.  Their motto?  Any Bottle. Any Time.  It is basically a band that you can use to make just about any bottle a handheld.  Just what I need for the 5K!  We tried it out this morning and it works GREAT!

The last one for this week is from a company called LaceLockers (so your laces are never loose again!).  I have the LadyBug LaceLockers and it works great.  I have had a couple times where I have had to stop and re-tie my shoes.  Not anymore!

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