Monday, September 8, 2014

What Type of PUPtector Do You Have?

Hey Neighbors!

Happy Petacular Monday to you!  To start today off we have a question for you.  What type of PUPtector do you have in your home?  Dropcam has taken the time to identify some of the types of PUPtectors are out there.

With all our Shelties we have several different types!  Webster is a barker!  He greets everyone with barking.  Not a mean bark, but a come see me bark!

Grace on the other hand is more retiring.  She would rather hide when a stranger comes over.

Shadow, our Schipperke, is a major bouncer.  For a small dog she can leap quite high!

Belle is our excited, tongue hanging out, I am so happy to see you pup.

What type of PUPtector do you have?  Leave a comment and let us know. Thanks Dropcam for this great idea.

Neighbors if you get a chance, stop by Dropcam and see what they do!  They will help your PUPtector protect your home, or you can keep an eye on your furry friend when you are away from home.  They are a home security company.  Dropcam can help you set up a home security system for your own peace of mind.

See you soon, At the Fence!

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