Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WorkIt Wednesday : Martial Arts Tournament 2014!


Hello Neighbors,

This is the first of my posts for WorkIt Wednesday!  Every Wednesday I will either review relevant products, share some tips, what I have been doing recently for my Workouts, etc.  This first one is about the 2014 Martial Arts Tournament!

Came away with Ten Trophies Total!
~5 First Place, 3 Second Place, and 2 Third Place~
Four of us participated (H., M., E., and myself!), and everyone did each category -- Weapons Forms, Empty-Hand Forms, and Sparring.  In Weapons Forms, H. and myself took first, E. took second.

Our Empty-Hand Forms.  H., E., and myself took First Place, M. took Second.  H. did a higher form called Yul-Kuk, and the rest of us did Sae Jong Young.  

Then we all Sparred.  In this category H. took third, E. took third, and I took second.  

So, here is an assortment of pictures from our Tournament.  We are also looking at participating in one later on this year, so I'll try and keep you updated.  

If you have read this to the end then you get to know that we have a Exciting Announcement to make...

Leave a comment with what you think the news is, and let's see if anyone can guess it.  

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