Thursday, August 21, 2014

Great News At the Fence!!

Hey Neighbors!

I have an announcement to make.  Two of my daughters will be joining us here At the Fence.

Work It Wednesday - Modesty, who has helped here before will be making a permanent move and will be writing once a week about working out, sports, health and other related topics.  She is presently taking Tae Kwon Do and enjoys other sports like volleyball, racquetball, and bike riding.  She will be posting on Wednesdays.

Foodie Friday - Hope will be coming on board and sharing recipes and reviewing products for your kitchen.  She loves to bake, so stay on the lookout for some yummy desserts!  She will also include restaurant reviews.

Petacular Mondays - Lori, myself, will be specializing in pets.  All kinds of pets and products for your pet.  You never know what I will find.  This will be open to fur, fins and feathers.

We will continue reviewing family friendly products on Tuesday and Thursday.   This should round out our site here, along with allowing us to share the writing load.  We will still have special events that will take precedence over our regularly scheduled days.

Leave a quick comment and let me know what you think.  Any ideas?  Feel free to share them with us.

We will have an about us page.  If you happen to have a product for review, you will find our individual contacts there.

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