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Farewell Pet Kits

Hey neighbors!

As you well know Mondays are now our Petacular Mondays.  We will be sharing all kinds of pet products and information.  Our first product is from Farewell.  It is the first complete pet urn kit.

Farewell Urn Kit includes:
Eco friendly birch plywood urn
A Guidebook to help families through the grieving process
Funeral and Burial service
Workbook with activities for children
Paint and brush kit for personalizing your urn

Over the years with six children, the oldest is now 29 and the youngest 13, we have experienced the loss of a pet.  It never is easy.  I think one of the hardest was right before we went on the road and my son's German Shepherd, that was supposed to go with us, ran out into the road and was hit by a pickup truck. It was the dead of winter in Maine and there was no way we could bury her.  We actually had to wrap her up and store her body until we found a vet that could cremate her.  It was not fun, nor was it easy.  One of the Farewell Urns would have made a big difference.  My son still loves shepherds, but she has always been his favorite.

The Farewell Pet Kit can also be used to store favorite items from your pet if you are not going to have them cremated.  More like a memory box than an urn.  You can save their collar, favorite toy, or item your pet seemed to enjoy.  The kit is easy to put together and then decorate.  There is also a small nameplate you can add.  If you use it as a memory box you or your child will be able to open it and look at the items you placed inside.

I really like the Workbook for children.  It gives them the opportunity to write and draw about their pet and to tell how they feel.  Here are a couple of questions at the beginning of the book:
What was your pet's name?  How long did you have your pet?  Where did your pet sleep?  There are pages to attach a picture or draw one of your own.

The Guidebook has a section for Adults, Adolescents and Children.  Each one gives some ideas of how to deal with the loss of a pet.  The last few pages of the book are designed to help you plan a burial service if you choose to bury your pet.  Listed are a few poems and then how you could go about having an actual service.

I believe Farewell Pet Kits could really assist someone with the loss of a pet.  We become attached to our pets and this will help someone to deal with the loss, or allow them to help their children deal with loss.  You can purchase the kit we reviewed for $57.48.  They do carry other kits in a variety of sizes.

A little about Farewell Pet Kits:

The Farewell Pet Kit was born out of need. Our family dog grew up with the children. Our three children couldn’t even remember life without her. After 16 years our very best friend passed. Whatever should we do to honor her? How can we eulogize her? How would we ease the children’s pain?
We wanted to bury her and give her a dignified, compassionate sendoff with a service that the children would remember.
There was nowhere to purchase a pet casket, and it was almost impossible to find a service for an animal geared to both children & adults.
The wheels started turning… with the result being this unique kit.
We wanted the pet casket to be both eco- and user-friendly for assembly.
To our delight we were successful on both counts and we now can offer a USA-designed and patented pet casket, easily assembled, ready for use in just a few minutes – a casket requiring No Nails! No Screws! No Glue!
We are proud to say that all our components are made in the USA: our pet caskets are manufactured in Frazeysburg, Ohio using birch wood, and the packaging materials are also products of the USA.
We enlisted a professional grief counselor to prepare a family-oriented Guidebook and Memorial Service.
The loss of a beloved pet is probably a child’s first experience with the passing of a loved one. We feel it is very important that they be a significant part of the service and participate in all the steps during this difficult time.
We at Farewell hope that we have helped your family during this process.  We wish you wonderful memories of happier days spent with your beloved pet.
Farewell is going to send a Farewell Pet Kit to one of my neighbors.  Please enter this giveaway and share it with your friends.  Thanks for stopping by and have a Petacular Monday!

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Linda Szymoniak said…
Each and every one of my dogs and cats is or has been amazing. It's hard to single just one out, but it would have to be my Misty, who I adopted from a local kill shelter (which is now no-kill!) about 6 weeks after I got married. Misty was with me through some of the hardest times of my life, including my brother's death (he died of melanoma just short of his 27th birthday). I have Misty's collar and other items and would love a special way to preserve them
Steph said…
I have 3 boys that all passed, and their ashes are here waiting for a special case. First, was Jack, my very first boxer who died at 13. He was my rock. Second, was my baby Charlie, a french bulldog who also lived to be 13, and died in my arms one night. Last, was my big red boxer boy, Dexter, who died last summer from lymphoma. He was only 4. Still miss them all so much.
RitaMeow said…
I very much miss my childhood cat, Jamie...she lived until she was 22 and was just the best! It was utterly heartbreaking when she passed away.
Shelly Leatham said…
My favorite pet is my current ShihTzu GingerBelle! She is only 4 yrs old, but it is like she has been with us much longer!
ale ol said…
Dusty was, still is my Brother, golden retriever and German Shepherd mix, we found him and I named him as when we patted him poufs of dust came up..he lived 9 yrs and I was devestated when my mom put him to sleep w out me knowing, I ran out of my sophomore English class bawling. I know he is watching over me to this day.
Leela said…
A cat I raised from a teeny tiny baby.

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