Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Loving Pets Dog Dishes and Tray

Hey neighbors!

As you know we have Shelties.  Just recently we had a new litter born and of course you know that not too long ago we added a new Sheltie to our menagerie.  What a perfect time to receive the dog dishes and tray from Loving Pets.

Perfect time to try out our new dishes, with Belle our newest addition.  Belle of course loves dinner time or treat time, or just about anytime she can eat.  The tray, also provided from Loving Pets helps keep the floor around her neat and clean fro spills.  We have her dishes, part of the Milano Collection from Loving Pets set on the Bella Spill Proof Tray.  The one, Breeds of the World, is a turquoise blue with dog breeds written all over in white.  The other dish, Diva Zebra, is a back and white zebra print with a nameplate that says DIVA.

The bowls are stainless steel so they will resist bacteria.  To prevent them from sliding they rest in a base with a rubber rim.  The entire dish is dishwasher safe, you just have to remove the rubber ring before placing the bowl in the dishwasher.  I appreciate the stainless steel bowls, and that the base prevents sliding and noise.  How many times have you accidentally kicked a dog food dish and heard it clatter across the floor.

The Loving Pets bone shaped tray is a black plastic with raised bones all over for design.  There is a raised lip to contain any spills.  There are four anti-skid feet on the bottom of the tray.  Waterproof, sturdy and durable, this tray can be used both inside and outside.  It is available in two sizes.

So, if you are looking for a nice feeding setup for your pet, take a minute and visit the Loving Pets website.  They carry products for cats too!

Thanks for stopping in today.  See you soon!

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