Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Celebrating 32 Years!

Hey neighbors!

Tomorrow my husband and I will have been married 32 years.  What a great 32 years it has been.  Not to say there haven't been trials or some tough times, but serving the Lord together is worth it all.  We have 6 blessings who are no longer little children.  The youngest is 13and the oldest is 29!  When did they grow up?

Well, the children took us to dinner last night at a dinner theater in WI.  Only the girls could go as the boys had to work.  There was a gospel concert after dinner.  Wow!  It was really nice.  Dinner was a buffet with fish, chicken, and all the sides.  For dessert they had a Frozen Lemon Ice Cream Pie.  I couldn't have the dessert, but everyone else enjoyed it.

The dinner theater had many small shops we were able to wander both before and after dinner before the concert started.  We enjoyed looking around.  Saw some really cute gift ideas!

The concert was great!  Triumphant Quartet.  My husband and I haven't seen them in quite some time.  Really enjoyed the music and getting to talk to them again. You could not take pictures in the concert, so I added a picture of their table.   They sang one of my favorite songs, "Somebody Died For Me".

Somebody died for me,
Before I even asked for help,
Gave his life for me,
When I could not save myself
I can not live the way I've lived
Be the way I was
Every day's a gift to me
Somebody died for me.

Next we are headed to Chicago, where we are going to do some shopping and then visit Medieval Times.  I will share some pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping in!  See you soon!


Barbara Montag said...

Just had to stop and say congrats!
this is a biggie

Hope said...

Aww, what wonderful children you have! Happy Anniversary!