Thursday, July 3, 2014

Celebrate Summer with Lightload Towels

Hey Neighbors!

Here is another great summer giveaway from Hope's Cafe!  Remember we have been working together on products to Celebrate Summer?  Well, here is one of them, Lightload Towels!  Read her review and then enter the giveaway!

Have any plans to hit the beach or a pool this summer? Or maybe a camping trip? Wouldn't you like to have a towel for these excursions that didn't take up so much room? Yet is still absorbent, soft, and big enough for any use? Well, I have the answer for you!

Lightload Towels specializes in-you guessed it-lightweight, easy-carry towels for any and all purposes! Beach towels, camp towels, hand towels and more. I received the "Only Beach Towel That Fits In Your Back Pocket" towel for review from Lightload. This is seriously amazing! The towel comes in a packed-down size that easily fits in your palm. It would honestly fit in your back pocket, purse, or any other place you need to stash it. It only weighs 5 ounces, so it's not going to get too heavy either.

To get your towel expanded to full size (which is 36 x 60 inches, by the way; a full size beach towel) simply pour a little water over it. This softens the material and you can spread it out to full size. Once it dries out from this (I added a bit too much water) it's ready for use. Whether it's laying out at the beach, taking it up to the showerhouse at a campground, or drying off after a refreshing swim in the pool, this towel is just what you need. I am amazed at how absorbent it is, yet still so lightweight! It's nice and soft too, which is a big bonus in my book. This towel will be coming along on all our road trips and camping trips from now on-not many people can fit their towel in their purse, but I can! (And I have a small purse, too!).

The full size towel
One of our readers will receive this Easy Carry Beach Towel!!

Now, let's get started.  Enter this great giveaway.  See you soon!

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Joanne said...

The beach towels would work best for us, though the hand towels would be great too!

tawndam said...

These are so neat! The beach towels are perfect!

luckynordberg said...

The beach towel would be great because we regular towels take up so much room in the beach bag!


Linda Meyers-Gabbard said...

The beach towel would work for us the best. Since it is the biggest one they carry and we like big towels.

DG Middendorf said...

I love big towels for everything so the beach towel would be great.