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My New #eBayGuides

Hey neighbors!

I have written several eBay Guides recently and would LOVE to have you visit the eBay page and like, comment and give them a thumbs up.  Sharing them is even better, on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. You can find my guides HERE.  Once you are on that guide it will list how many more I have at the top and you can click on the number to read any others.  Please feel free to share my guides.

I wrote them on subjects that are interesting to me and my family.  Some of the titles are:
Summer Camping A Family Time
Travel With Children
Setting Up and Outside Dog Run
Gardening with Children
Family Reading Night
Tea Time Party
Creating a Backyard Haven
Baking with Children
Would a Bunny Be a Good Pet?
Outfitting a Dojang
Bird Watching for Homeschoolers
You've Decided to Homeschool, Now What?
Learning Photography
Bringing Home Puppy
Family Fun Night
Designing a bedroom
The Everything Nancy Drew Party
Anne of Green Gables Birthday Party
Upcycled Crafts and Gifts
Teaching Children to Clean

I would appreciate any input you can give!  Thanks so much neighbors!


Thanks for sharing your #eBayGuides. I'm writing for Social Moms too. here's a link to my guides.

I gave you thumbs up on all 20.
I read the bring hom puppy guide on ebay and found it very informative. My user id on ebay is LLMG1960. I clicked the thumbs up but dont know it it recorded. I am new to eBay I just signed up.

Linda Gabbard

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