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Celebrating Summer with Bare Feet

Hey neighbors!

I am sure you are wondering where I have been lately.  I have been super busy!  I love to go to yard sales.  So, a little over week ago I found a sale with tea cups and saucers at a good price.  I also found some old tin Mary Poppins plates.  After we returned home a couple of my daughters wanted to go back and see what else they had.  When we returned they had shut down because of rain, so we left a note and returned home.  That evening he called and asked if we wanted to stop in.  It was his mother's house and he was settling her estate.  Some of us decided to run back and see what was left.  While we were there he asked if I knew anyone interested in a doll collection.  Well, we asked to see them.  We went to a storage area and when he opened the door it was filled with dolls.  He said there were over 200 dolls that his grandmother had collected and he wanted to move them as he was paying monthly payments on the storage area.

Yep, you guessed it!  My son and I went together and purchased what turned out to be probably 300 dolls, with clothes, doll trunks and some doll furniture thrown in.  I am working on advertising them on eBay.  In 11 days we have sold 10-14 dolls and have almost made back what we purchased them for.  Just look at the pictures and you will see some of the dolls.  The hardest part is looking them all up to find their value.  Anyway, I have obviously neglected At the Fence for about 11 days now, so I am doing a special giveaway!

You know that summer seems to be here, and since summer time is bare foot and sandal time, I wanted to give away something that will help us keep our feet looking their best.  So I have a set of Foot Scrub, Foot Lotion and a Foot Spray!  Let me tell you now, I use these and they are GREAT!  I love to spray my feet right after a shower and right before bed.

So, how many of you would like to win this set and treat your feet this summer?  Let's go!  The required entry will be to tell me your favorite doll, or if you didn't have one just say so.  Maybe you will even see a favorite in my pictures!

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latanya t said…
I did not have one
Rusthawk said…
I don't have a favorite doll.
Linda Szymoniak said…
I was never much into dolls when I was a girl (even then I was into animals and had toy dogs, horses, etc. over the dolls). However, I DID have one that I always loved and wish I still had, even now. It was my Shirley Temple doll.
Darlene said…
My favorite doll was a squeaky doll, it was a small chubby doll that squeaked. My older sisters made her a bunch of clothes for her one Christmas.
rubynreba said…
You are so fortunate to get those dolls! I'm so glad you were able to purchase them. What fun!!! My favorite doll was a doll I still have. I named her Goldilocks. She is in bad shape but I still love her!
laborders2000 said…
I did have a Cabbage Patch doll when I was younger that I loved. I honestly have no idea what happened to it. I have boys now so I really did not get the chance to buy dolls for them BUT I did take them to Baby land General when they were little and they enjoyed it.
Kimberly said…
I had a baby doll with a cloth body and vinyl head arms and legs. I am told she once had hair..... I use to carry her by the hair and "loved" all the hair off except for a small tuff.

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