Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our New Belle!

Hi neighbors!

We have been so very busy around here.  We have two birthdays, plus Mother's Day and we had two litters of puppies.  All of our pups are now in their new homes and are doing well.  One is being trained to be a therapy dog!  In all of this, we managed to add another Sheltie to our crew.

Her name is Belle and she is a Blue Merle.  Both of her eyes are blue.  She is so sweet and yet she has a very outgoing personality.  Just this evening while we were playing volleyball she was running figure eights around the dog house and water bucket in her pen.  We have to put her inside one of the runs, or she would get stepped on trying to play with everyone.

She loves to chew of course.  She also likes to just carry things around in her mouth.  Often you will find her on top of something.  I think it makes her feel bigger when she does this.   I have included some pictures.  Enjoy.  And yes, she is loved!

Be sure to stop in tomorrow as we have another giveaway planned.  See you soon!


Jackie said...

She is adorable....and what beautiful eyes!

Steph said...

Great pictures. Belle is gorgeous! I really love those blue eyes.

Barbara Montag said...

Is she ever sweet!
Want to pick her up and cuddle.

Linda Meyers-Gabbard said...

To cute