Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So Cute!

Hi neighbors!

Well, today was a busy day!  We had to take four puppies to the vet for their shot and dewormer so they can go to their new homes next weekend.  We also had some shopping to do so it was an extremely long day.

I wanted to share some pictures we took early this morning as we were heading to the vet.  We saw these three playing in a field, and just had to take a few pictures and a quick video clip.  They were so funny.  They would run into each other, jump, and then race away.

We parked and watched them for a few minutes as they played and chased each other.  They ended up running into the barn and we had to get on our way.

Anyway, it was a busy day and I am happy to be home.  The pups were all fine and we finished our shopping.  Enjoy the pictures and stop in tomorrow!  See you!

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Jackie said...

How cool! I would have stopped too. It's funny how they are chasing each other and playing together.