Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Home Healthcare, What To Do?

Hey neighbors,

I know healthcare is on the rise and many times we are caught suddenly with healthcare bills and the problem of paying them.  Many people, especially as they get older need to plan ahead for home healthcare expenses.  How can you plan ahead to be prepared?  I am really hoping some of you will leave comments with your ideas.  All too often we just live our lives never thinking that far ahead.  What happens when you need home healthcare, but can not afford it?

We have 6 children and have that occasional emergency room visit and the bills that immediately follow.    What happens though when you end up with a long term illness.  Have you planned ahead for this?  As we ponder this question I would like to suggest an idea or two.

1. Start a savings account now that you put a little bit in each week or month.  It will add up, especially if you start when you are young.  Make it an account that you don't touch.

2. Consider the different options you have through Medicare or Medicaid.  Sometimes this is the only option available.

I am not looking forward to having any home healthcare costs, but I am sure it will come up in the future.  We are presently working on saving what we can and of course we will have to consider other options if the need appears.

AAG has some really good ideas to help you prepare when home healthcare becomes necessary.  Be sure to check out their info-graphic and then tell me what you think.

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