Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our Sheltie Pups!

Hey neighbors!

I just had to post an update on our Sheltie pups.  They are three weeks old today.  They all have their eyes open and they are starting to walk instead of just crawling around.  We have two girls and one boy.  They have begun to play a little, growling, pulling on each others ears and tails and of course playing with mom.




The girls carry them around all the time.  When they do school they often have a pup in their lap.  We have to be careful too because they occasionally escape from their bed.  and of course they love to pose them for pictures!

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy sharing them!  See you soon, At the Fence!


ShellyH said...

Totally adorable Lori! Do Shelties typically have 3 pups per litter?

molly pitcher said...

OMG. They are so stinkin' cute.

At the Fence said...

Shelly, They have varying size litters. Our other Sheltie had two last year. My mother used to raise them and we had litters up to 6-7. It just depends.

Barbara Montag said...

Are they ever sweet!
Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

OMG...they are adorable! Enjoy them!

Shelley P said...

They are so cute! Glad they are healthy and doing so well :)