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Kurgo When You and Your Pet Travel

Hey neighbors!

Here is a giveaway you will want to enter!  Kurgo has some really great products for dogs!  If you like to travel with your furry friend, then you will be interested in this review from Hope's Cafe.  She reviewed their Wander Bed.

How many of you love to travel with your dog? We like to include our dogs on family vacations, whether it's camping and hiking at a state park, or just bringing them along when we're staying at a hotel and doing the typical "tourist" vacation. 

Kurgo is a company that specializes in dog travel accessories. No matter what your travel situation, Kurgo can help you and your dog get travel safely and enjoy it! I received the Wander Bed for my review. This comes in 2 sizes and 2 colors, and it's not just your typical dog bed. The Wander Bed comes rolled up just like a sleeping bag, with a built-in handle. This makes it easy to transport, pack, and bring along on trips. 

It unrolls into a nice size bed; the medium is perfect for Glory, our Sheltie, and would actually fit a dog slightly larger than her. It is thick and plush without being bulky. Obviously the point is in having an on-the-go bed, but you don't want to sacrifice the comfort either. The Wander Bed also has a small zipper closure that allows you to place some special toy that your dog wants brought along on the trip-again, easy carrying!

I am currently using the Wander Bed for Glory in the house, but I can't wait to use it in the vehicle and on our camping trips come spring! 10-degree high is a little too cold for me to enjoy camping, but once warmer weather comes, I know we will be doing a lot of traveling, hiking, and some camping. For now, however, Glory absolutely loves her bed. She curls up on it every night, and doesn't allow the other dogs to sleep there!

Worn out after playing in the snow!!
Kurgo has an amazing, almost limitless selection of products for dogs who like to travel. From car seat protection and dog "booster seats" to portable dog dishes and travel mud towels, you will find all your pet travel needs at Kurgo. 

Kurgo is going to give one of our Petacular readers a $50 GC so you can choose something special from their site for your dog.  Be sure to visit their site and take a look around.  I am sure you will be impressed!

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Joanne said…
I like their Go-Tech Adventure Harness.
Darlene said…
I also like the Go-Tech Adventure Harness
Would love to win this to get a booster seat for my Zoey Monster
Linda Szymoniak said…
I'd love to get their Portsmouth Bucket Seat Cover for my mini-van
scottsgal said…
I like the loft bench seat cover
If lucky enough to win this awesome giveaway I would be getting the Wander Bed with Embroidery
But the question is name another product I like. That would be the Loft Hammock Seat Cover. I also like the Loft Duvet Cover which is made to cover existing dog beds.

Dawn Diehl said…
the go tech adventure harness
pmj said…
The loft hammock seat cover. My son has two huskies and they shed so much fur that your car looks like it has fur seat covers after they've been in it.
molly pitcher said…
My pups would love the Wander Bed in blue and orange. Looks very comfy and great colors!
Dhjax11 said…
I'm really interested in the car door protectors and the various booster seats. I take my shelties places often and any of their car products would be great to have. I like the bed you received too. But the car door protector would be nice to have for my naughty puppy who likes to paw at the door sometimes. Thanks for the chance to win
Cori Westphal said…
The Wander Pail is a brilliant product!

coriwestphal at msn dot com
Jill D said…
The Wander Bed is the product I keep coming back to--it looks great. I love that it is easy to stash and that would make it really easy to travel with. The Stowe Jacket also looks like something that would come in handy during inclimate weather. mary987 (at) hotmail (dot) com
007blond said…

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