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Sprucing for Spring with Monkey Bars

Hi neighbors! As you well know, it has been a long winter here.  I am actually beginning to hope for spring though as we see a slow rise in temperature.  So of course I am starting to think bird feeders, gardening, time out in the yard and volleyball.  Well, you should see how our gardening equipment is stored.  All the shovels, rakes and other items are shoved in a corner in the shed.  Guess what though?  I just received the Monkey Bars Garden Tool Rack from  Monkey Bars Garden Tool Rack from Monkey Bars of Illinois, in Peoria .  I am so excited about this product! The Monkey Bars Garden Tool Rack will now enable me to keep all my gardening needs in one, neat orderly display.  All my garden tools fit on one 51" bar!  Is that great or what!  No more searching the shed for that missing rake.  Now, if I can just get the children to put them back where they belong.  LOL! The Monkey Bars Garden Tool Rack has two brackets that you attach to your wall, and then slide the

All Neighbors Please Read

Hi all, Having a bad morning.  I have a headache that won't go away and while checking comments, I accidentally deleted some from the 3 Tire Server and the Chick -fil-a. Please don't worry as your entries still count, but it will say deleted by administrator.  Feel free to re-post if you like, but it is not necessary, although some of the captions I deleted were really cute.  It's just going to be one of those days. Have a GREAT weekend! Once again I apologize for the error.

Spectrum 3 - Tier Server

Hey neighbors! How are you all doing this beautiful spring day?  OK, it may not be spring for everyone, but we were actually able to have the pups out for a short time today!  Now, back to our newest product for our Sprucing for Spring!  This item would be perfect for a birthday party to display cupcakes or just to set out snacks or fruit.  Take a minute to see what Hope's Cafe discovered about the Spectrum Twist 3-Tier Server. If you need some help with organizing your home, then you need to check out Spectrum. This company has a wonderful selection of organizational products for every room and space in your house! From kitchen to bathroom, over-the-cabinet racks to key racks and mail organizers, whatever you need to organize in your home, Spectrum  probably has the perfect product for it. I received the Twist 3-Tier Server for review. The server comes needing just a tiny bit of assembly. Simply screw the rods into the tray, and you're good to go. Very simple and fast,

Chick-Fil-A $5 GC Spring Giveaway

Hey neighbors! Here is one just for fun!  My husband purchased a $5 Chick-fil-a GC for me to give away.  You all know that my family loves to eat at Chick-fil-a, so he decided this would be the perfect GC for me to giveaway.  And I think it is a great way to start spring!  At least I hope we are finally going to have some spring weather! 1 We are going to have some fun with this one.  Who knows, I might even add something else for fun!  You will need to keep your eye on this giveaway.  As we go along I may even add new methods of entry.   2 The first method of entry will be to tell me what plans you have for spring!  Maybe you are taking a vacation, or planning a party.  Perhaps you are planting a garden or raising some chicks.  Whatever you have planned, just leave a comment sharing with us!  Be sure to use the Rafflecopter of course!  An additional entry will be added for captioning one of our puppy photos. 3 We are raising puppies this spring! Let's go!

Sprucing up with the Longstem Men's Organizer

Hey neighbors! I am enjoying sharing these products for Sprucing for Spring.  The type of products we are reviewing are perfect for going in to spring, helping you to organize, clean or spruce up for spring.  PI of Products has a really nice product for organization.  Read on and see what she has. I'm back again with another product for our Sprucing for Spring Event.  This one is actually for the men in your life!  Today we will be investigating... The  Longstem  Men's Organizer Valet! This is shipped in two pieces and is VERY easy to put together.  It includes two over the door bracket mounts, and two wall mounts with screws and anchors.  " This door/wall organizer is for men out there in need of organization. This over-the-door organizer can easily display all the typical male accessories at a glance. It provides 43 special purpose hooks for easy accessibility and organization for ties, belts, watches, rings, keys loose change, cuff links, lapel pins, su

Purex Crystals Limited Edition!

Hey neighbors! My family is so excited!  We were able to try the New Limited Edition Purex Crystals.  My daughters LOVE using these.  This one is called Fabulously Fresh.  Has a really fresh scent that lasts a long time.  It helps to eliminate odors, which with four children in Tae Kwon Do, we often have smelly workout clothes.  Not to mention Shelties who need their bedding washed. You can just add this with your wash with the laundry.  No need to catch the cycle midway.  So simple to use.  It will not affect your towels absorbency.  Just use the cap to measure out what you need, pour it in and you are ready to go.  My daughters think the clothes smell great when they are done.  you can see the crystals below.  Such a nice spring color too. Be sure to enter the Purex Sweepstakes - HERE .  You never know, you just might win! Make your laundry day fabulous with Limited Edition Purex Crystals Fabulously Fresh. Enter for a chance to WIN a $1,000 shopping spree plus a year’

Spruce Up Your Home with Modern Littles

Hey Neighbors, As you know I am working with Hope's cafe and PI of Products on some products to help with sprucing up your home for spring.  We will be sharing these along with finishing up our pet products.  Please keep an eye out for some really great products to help with organizing and beautifying your home.  PI of Products received a few really nice items from Modern Littles.  Read on to see what she received and what her investigation turned up. ModernLittles ! We received the Rusty Giraffe Walk Canvas Print Set of 3 and two Folding Storage Bins.  This is a really nice little set and would look great in your little boy's room.  First, the Wall Canvas Prints... " Smiles are guaranteed when you add the decorative delight of Modern Littles to a little one's room! An easy and adorable way to adorn a wall in need of some pizzazz, these durable and ready-to-hang canvases feature an array of bright patterns, cool animals and sharp colors that are bound

Unbreakoball, A Tough Ball for Your Dog

Hey neighbors! OK, Shelties really aren't known for being hard on their toys, but I wanted to try one of these balls from Unbreakoball anyway.  I do have one chewer, but she wouldn't touch it. She doesn't chew toys, she chews books and furniture.  So, I took some pictures of Grace's pups playing with it.  They really had fun chasing it around the kitchen.  Wait until you see the pictures. Now, the actual purpose of Unbreakoball is for those dogs who really chew or destroy normal balls and toys.  These balls would be great for Bull dogs, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Shepherd, etc.  Or you might have another breed of dog who would just enjoy the dog ball anyway. We have the 6 inch Unbreakoball, but it also comes in a 10 inch size.  Ours is orange and has small holes in it to help your pet grip the ball. From Unbreakoball: The Unbreakoball dog ball is crafted in the United States from a nontoxic, high-density polyethylene plastic. Designed for the roughest, t

Do You Have A Dream Home?

Hey neighbors! Do you have a dream home?  No, I'm not talking about the one you live in, I am asking if you have ever imagined your dream home?  What would it look like?  Larger bedroom, walk-in closet, bigger bathroom, what do you need?  American Dream Builders is a new program premiering on NBC March 23 at 8/7c.  It is a competition between 12 of the nations top designers and home builders. You can enter for a chance to win $100,000 in products and services from Lowe’s and a consultation with the winner of American Dream Builders! Enter for a chance to win your dream renovation at . And starting March 23rd you will have the opportunity to earn 5 bonus entries when you “Dream It Yourself”! Upload a photo and description of a home project you are working on and EARN 5 BONUS SWEEPSTAKES ENTRIES. Finally, follow the show on  Facebook  and  Twitter  for a chance to win more prizes from American Dream Builders and Lowe’s! American Dream Builder

#imbornto Curate for a Cause

#imbornto Raise Shelties 0 followers Hey neighbors! How would you like to help the March of Dimes and be entered for a chance to win a $5000 eBay Shopping Spree.  Ebay wants to raise $25,000 for the March of Dimes, and here is how they want to do it.  For every collection created in the month of March on eBay with the hashtag #imbornto eBay will donate $1 to the March of Dimes.  A collection consists of 6 items. So all you have to do is go create a collection of some of your favorite thing, use a hashtag and you will be entered in the contest.  How simple is that? I went on and created two of my own. One is about photography and the other about Shelties. Two things I really enjoy doing. Of course I chose things I would eventually like to purchase. So take a minute, click HERE and get started. You will find all the information you need on how to get started. #imbornto Take Pictures 0 followers Edit I think I might go back and create a c

Tetra GloFish Aquarium

Hey neighbors! Tetra allowed PI of Products to review another one of their aquariums!  It is for GloFish!  They are so neat!  This is perfect for a child's room, or maybe a home where furry pets are not allowed.  The GloFish themselves come in different colors and there are so many accessories.  Check out what PI of Products had to say! Remember a little while ago I reviewed a Cube Desktop Kit from Tetra?  Today, I will be investigating  Tetra  again.  This time it is their GloFish Aquarium Kit 3g.  This aquarium kit comes with a clear plastic 3 gallon tank, a clear plastic lid with a VERY convenient feeding hole (this is by experience:), a LED light (this brings out the color of the GloFish), a black base, and a Whisper internal filter (this includes a medium Whisper Bio Bag).  Again, all you need are fish and decorative stones/pieces.   Okay, for those of you that have never seen GloFish, you are in for a surprise!  These fish are so awesome.  My little sister t

Eat Smart Kitchen Scale!

Hey neighbors! I an working again on a few more giveaways with Hope's Cafe and PI of Products.  Mixed in over the next couple of weeks will be a continuation of our Petacular Event and then some of our Sprucing Up For Spring!   We have some really great products to share with you, so be sure to stick around and stop by often.  You never know what you will find the next few weeks!   So, keep reading and see what Hope's Cafe had to say about the Eat Smart Kitchen Scale. Hello, and welcome to Sprucing Up For Spring!! The Petacular event last month was such a success, that we (At The Fence, PI Of Products and Hope's Cafe) decided to get together for another event. This  event is called Sprucing Up For Spring, and we will be showcasing products to get your home and yard in tip top shape! Of course, everyone immediately thinks of spring cleaning and organizing, but we're going a step beyond that. In addition to cleaning and organizing products, we'll be sharing some