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Wait Until You hear About Snuggle Puppies!

Hey neighbors!

Are you up to another post from Hope's Cafe?  I actually had the opportunity to see and feel the Snuggle Puppy working!  I think it would be great for Grace's puppies when she is outside.  They sometimes get upset when she leaves them for a minute.  I am thinking this would be a benefit also when we first separate them, although that is down the road away, as they are only one week old.  Take a minute and see what Hope has to say.  Then go ahead and enter the giveaway!

Okay, I have to admit-this is probably the cutest pet product I have ever seen, and definitely one of my favorites in the Petacular event! Have you ever heard of SnugglePuppies? Think a stuffed animal-with a heartbeat and warming pack inside-for your puppy. This is perfect for so many scenarios other than a new puppy away from it's mother! Yes, that is the first thought I had. After all, how many times have you brought a new puppy home and it spends the first couple weeks crying and whining at night? I imagine a Snuggle Puppy would stop that right away! But think about other reasons-maybe your dog has separation anxiety, and goes crazy when you leave the house for any reason. Maybe she hates car rides, thunderstorms, or any number of other occurrences. Whatever the case, if your dog (or cat-they have Snuggle Kittens too) suffers from fear or anxiety, a Snuggle Puppy just might be what you need.

I received the Brown Mutt Snuggle Puppy for review. This comes with a cute, medium-sized brown puppy, a "heart", single-use instant heat pack, and a small bag to use for rice or beans, whatever you choose to use as a heat pack afterwards. The puppy is very soft, and very cute. Just look at that happy smile!

The puppy's "stomach" has a velcro-secured pouch, where you place the heart and heat pack. (It is also mentioned that you can secure a bottle inside with just the nipple sticking out, if you have to bottle feed a puppy). The heart is battery powered (3 AAA batteries included) and when turned on, emits a steady, rhythmic heartbeat-just like a momma dog, or a puppy's littermates would. Of course, adding the heat pack inside adds warmth, so when your dog cuddles up with the Snuggle Puppy, it feels like another dog! Seriously an ingenious idea. 

Even though we don't have a new puppy, we tried the Snuggle Puppy out with one of our adult Shelties. As you can see from the pictures, she quickly went from "What on earth is this?" to, "Let's snuggle together!". 

SnugglePuppies has many other wonderful products for dogs and cats, from toys to harnesses, and blankets and beds. I LOVE the Momma Warming Bed they have! Be sure to check out all their great products at SnugglePetProducts.

One of our readers will receive a Brown Mutt Snuggle Puppy!!  Be sure to enter and then tweet and share this giveaway with others!

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Caitlyn said…
I like the rubber rope throw toys.
Steph said…
I like the 'Momma' Warming Bed. They have some really great products.
skkorman said…
I'd love to have one of the Snuggle Kitties for my kitty-boy!

skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net
Darlene said…
I would also like the SnugglePuppie 4-in-1 Harness-Large
Linda Szymoniak said…
The "Mamma" Warming Bed is adorable. I wouldn't need it for my own dogs at this time, but I work with several rescues, and I know one that would love to get something like this.
Nancy said…
I also like the Snuggle Puppy Batteries and replacement hearts.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com
dlhaley said…
I would like the Snuggle Kitties for my sister's cat.
scottsgal said…
the brown blanket is cute
Angie Bailey said…
I also like the 3-in-1 Mat / Pocket Bed - Gray. (Angie PreciselyMine)
Jill D said…
I looked through their website and think they have lots of great products and another item that caught my eye is the SnugglePuppie 4-in-1 Harness-Medium. Thanks for the review and for the chance to win! mary987 (at) hotmail (dot) com
I like the momma warming bed
Cori Westphal said…
I think my kitties would love the 3-in-1 Mat / Pocket Bed - Giraffe! So cute!

Cori Westphal
coriwestphal at msn dot com
Shelley P said…
My little dogs would love to snuggle and stay warm in the 'Momma' Warming Bed. I also like the cute doggy blankets :)
Unknown said…
I really like the 'Momma' Warming Bed, I think our Midnight would love it as well. thank you
Christina said…
I really like the brown/pink dog blanket.
cstironkat said…
I would like the 'Momma' Warming Bed and the fact that the whole bed is washable is fantastic.
Jamie said…
My girl Gumbo could really use a product like this. She has separation anxiety.

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