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Pet Squeak Porch Pups Dog House

Hi Neighbors!

Here is a dog house by Pet Squeak that is simply stunning.  We received ours and my husband put it together in less than an hour.  It was so easy to follow the directions and build the Pet Squeak Porch Pups House.  He built it inside because it was so cold out.  It is now sitting on our deck waiting for the snow to melt before we place it in the yard.  We have actually considered keeping it on the back deck.  That way our girls can relax beside us!

Assembly: As I stated above this was very easy to put together.  With a screwdriver and a pair of pliers it was finished in under an hour.  The kit basically came with the four walls, two pieces of roof, two pieces of the floor and three pieces to form the porch.  The porch does not attach to the dog house, which means you can move it to the side if you wish or not use it at all.  We have it in the front.  As I said he built it in the house, and then we carried it outside.  It does weigh approx. 60 lbs.

This Porch Pups House has a small front porch for your dog to relax on. You can position it where you want as it does not actually attach to the dog house.  You could even use it separately if you wanted to.  The Porch Pups House we received is a large one.  The measurements are:
External: 35-1/2L by 37-3/4-inch Width by 30-inch Height - Internal: 28-3/4L by 30-1/4-inch Width by 25-inch Height - Door Opening: 15-1/2H by 11-3/4W-inch. Porch Dimensions - 15-3/4L by 32-inch Width by 12-1/2-inch Height. Overall External dimension is inclusive of the roof, which will have an overhang. Internal dimensions indicate the habitable space for your pet, and are inclusive of the size of the interior floor space.

This house comes with a door on hinges.  The door has a window with bars for ventilation.  The door also has a small heart shaped lock on it, just in case you need to keep your dog inside the house.  One side of the house has ventilation openings in the side wall, so your dog will be quite comfortable inside.  The dog house is raised off the ground.  The roof  is designed so your pet should stay nice and dry inside.  If you have a chewer, they might decide to chew on the porch railings.

Now,  the only thing I see that maybe isn't quite as helpful is this is advertised as large.  It is honestly designed more for a medium size dog, like our Shelties.  There is no way a large dog would fit through the door.  Otherwise, I am totally impressed with this dog house from Pet Squeak.  I am seriously considering keeping it on our back deck, so the dogs can go in and out as they please, or even relax on their porch while we relax on ours.

Maybe the Pet Squeak Porch Pups Dog House is not for you.  Maybe you are looking for another style.  Take a moment and check out the Vortex Store on Amazon for other options.  They have a Beach House, a Princess Pad, a Barn and many others to choose from.

Now, please read this before you enter the giveaway.  Vortex, the company that sells these houses is offering the same deal to three of our readers that they offered to me. Here are the requirements: We will set up a 1 cent transaction on marketplace. Amazon requires we charge some amount for the item. We then ask you leave a simple factual evaluation on Images/video are not required there, but if you have any you want to share, bonus. My team will need to provide you a specific link to purchase so we are in control of the transaction. The Initial review MUST be completed within 15 days of receiving the product, as these are time sensitive.

If you are not willing to do this, please do not enter this giveaway.  The company is being very gracious in offering this opportunity.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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molly pitcher said…
This dog house is beautiful. It looks easy to put together and my dogs would love it. Also, the dog in this picture is adorbs.
molly pitcher said…
P.S. My dog would love the Pet Squeak Princess Pad Dog House in pink because that's her favorite (okay mine) color!
Sandra VanHoey said…
The Medium Porch Pups Dog House would be great for the dogs here.
pmj said…
I really like the one you show in your review and also the bird dog house. All of there featured products look great!
Coolestmommy said…
The beach house is my favorite, but we might have to get a Medium or Large house if we won.
Joanne said…
Porch Pups Dog House medium would be well loved!
Steph said…
I like the Pet Squeak Porch Pups Dog House, Medium. Very nice. Probably need a Large for our dog though.

Pet Squeak Princess Pad Dog House, Small, Pink
Cori Westphal said…
I think the Beach Dog House is adorable!

Cori Westphal
coriwestphal at msn dot com
Haydensmommy05 said…
I love the doggy den dog house large!
My girls would love any of these three. .
The Pet Squeak Porch Pups Dog House

Or the Pet Squeak Princess Pad Dog House
Or the Arf Frame Dog House Large
I like them too.

Dawn Diehl said…
Pet Squeak bird dog house
Helen said…
I think my pug would love the Porch Pups Dog House
Helen said…
I think my pug would like the Porch Pups Dog House
Dhjax11 said…
The large porch pups house just like you received is my favorite and would be absolutely perfect for my shelties, my next favorite is the bird house style but I honestly love the porch pups style the best with the little porch area on. It as my shelties would love that. I'd be absolutely thrilled to win this in exchange for giving them a review of the house and complying with their simple rules. This is such a nice little house and I'd love to have it to put on my deck for the dogs when we are spending lots of time out on yeh deck during warm weather for them to lounge in out of the sun. I love this house so much I'd bring it inside the rest of the time as it would look cute in a corner of my living room with a blanket inside and I know it would be a favorite spot for some of my shelties. Thanks for the chance to win
Jill D said…
I think the Porch Pups Dog House is my favorite but it's hard to choose. The Pet Squeak Doggy Den Dog House, Small also looks really awesome. I'd really love the chance to try out one of these houses and give a review! mary987 (at) hotmail (dot) com
Nancy said…
Our favorite would be the Pet Squeak Porch Pups Dog House: Small.
Ash Green said…
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