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Organic Oscar Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey neighbors! Here is our next Petacular Event sponsor, Organic Oscar !  We used Organic Oscar on Pansy.  She is our daintiest Sheltie, but this winter has really been making her itchy.  I think it is affecting all of us in the house that way.  Anyway, she is due to have puppies soon, so we wanted to bathe her before the pups were born.  She isn't due for 2 1/2 more weeks, but I would rather do this now, then closer to her date.  Since she is an inside dog, we walked her first and then bathed her, so she would dry before she needed walked again.  She is so easy to bathe. I liked using the Organic Oscar on her because it is natural, biodegradable and of course, organic.  Organic Oscar has 6 shampoos and conditioners all of which have: No Soap No Paraben No Sulfates No Phthalates No Dyes No Artificial Fragrances No Petroleum-Based Ingredients This is why I wanted to use the Organic Oscar on Pansy.  The bone-shaped bottles are nice too! With Organic Oscar "It

Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash

Hey Neighbors! This is one that is not part of our pet event.  This is for you!   Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash will leave you feeling clean and smooth.  The Vitamin Boost Body wash gives your skin a daily boost of vitamins. I am enjoying mine,  I received the Lotion Infused Amazing B body wash.  First off, it smells great and then it leaves my skin feeling so soft.  I really like the new Dial body wash.  I took with me on a trip to use the first time.  My husband has also used it.  He seriously needs something to help with his dry skin this winter.  I am hoping to see improvement with him using the Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash. This new Dial body wash is lotion infused.  This means softer, healthier skin.  The advanced formula contains a moisturizing vitamin complex, which helps draw moisture directly to your skin to leave it feeling healthy and soft.  Just what I need!  A little bit goes a long way. You can the Dial Vitamin Boost Amazing B at your local store's heal

Does Your Pet Scratch the Door? Try Clawguard

Hey neighbors! What a great product PI of Products was able to investigate!  Take a minute to read her review and enter the giveaway.  This is perfect for those who have pets that scratch at the door to go out.  We have one of those! Today, as part of our Petacular Event, we will be investigating... the Clawguard !  A door protector for dog scratching! Now I have to tell you, this is something we really needed.  We just replaced all of the doors in our home, and as I'm sure you pet owners know, there has been a lot of scratching which gets the doors dirty.  Not only do they scratch when the need to go outside, Pansy scratches at the door whenever I leave and won't leave that area until I get back.   The story is quite simple really.  It all began with two friends, their entrepreneurial spirit, their passion for innovation, a badly scratched up door and a simple solution. Inspired by our pets, the Clawguard was born. Since that first Clawguard was made w

Pet Squeak Porch Pups Dog House

Hi Neighbors! Here is a dog house by Pet Squeak that is simply stunning.  We received ours and my husband put it together in less than an hour.  It was so easy to follow the directions and build the Pet Squeak Porch Pups House.  He built it inside because it was so cold out.  It is now sitting on our deck waiting for the snow to melt before we place it in the yard.  We have actually considered keeping it on the back deck.  That way our girls can relax beside us! Assembly: As I stated above this was very easy to put together.  With a screwdriver and a pair of pliers it was finished in under an hour.  The kit basically came with the four walls, two pieces of roof, two pieces of the floor and three pieces to form the porch.  The porch does not attach to the dog house, which means you can move it to the side if you wish or not use it at all.  We have it in the front.  As I said he built it in the house, and then we carried it outside.  It does weigh approx. 60 lbs. This Porch

Red Barn Naturals Dog Treats

Hey Neighbors! Take a glance at these great treats we received from Red Barn .  First we have the Bully Coated Sweet Potato Slices.  The girls really like these.  These are loaded with natural antioxidants.  I like knowing that the treats I feed my dogs are healthy for them.  Yes, sometimes they receive extra little snacks that may not be the best, but overall I want their treats to be healthy for them. About Bully Coated Sweet Potato Slices : We took slices of real sweet potato, basted them with our secret "Bully Stick Coating" and then baked them for maximum flavor.  The crispy texture of our Bully Coated Sweet Potato Slices helps promote healthy teeth and gums.   They are 100% natural and they are made in the USA. Red Barn has an entire range of treats for your dog.  And, not only do they have a variety of products for your dog, they also have a line for cats.  If you have a dog or cat be sure to visit their site and see all that they have available.

Treat of the Week Time!

Hey neighbors! OK, this one isn't actually a treat this week, it is Fruitables Food Supplements .  I am going to tell you right from the beginning that these are made with the same type of ingredients that they use in their treats.  The food supplements are orange and , yes I smelled them, they sort of smell like baby food.  These are supplements that you mix with your pets food.  They are not meant to be the only thing you feed your pet. The dogs, love them.  We received the Weight Loss Supplement, Switch, and two Digestive Supplements.  You can tell they have pumpkin or sweet potato as one of their ingredients. (see photos)  Here is some information from their site: Fruitables holistic pumpkin & sweet potato supplements are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, Vitamins A, C & E and provide a flavor pets love. These supplements are fortified with fruit & vegetable fiber, soothing herbs, and vitamins to naturally suport food transition, digestive issues,

Protect Your Dog with IllumiDog Collars

Hi Neighbors! Here is a super, great product to help you keep your dog save.  It is a reflective collar from IllumiDog .  Do you take evening walks?  Has your dog ever run off at night?  If your dog is wearing a Reflective Nika Collar from IllumiDog it will be much easier for others to see your dog and of course for you to see your dog at night. See how the flash reflects off the collar. We have one dog who loves to run.  We have a fenced in backyard, but when it is time to come in at night, she decides she is not ready to come in.  She disappears out in the yard and is hard to find.  She is black, so she is difficult to see in the dark.  Now thanks to her new Nika collar she is much easier to find and here is why.  The Nika collar has  exceptionally bright Nikkalite High Intensity Type III reflective tape . Your question probably is, "What is Nikkalite High Intensity Type III tape?"  Here is the answer, directly from IllumiDog: This is the same type mater

ThunderCoat by ThunderWorks

Hey neighbors! Here is an adorable coat that PI of Products reviewed.  It looks so cute on her dog Pansy.  The ThunderCoat 2 in 1 from ThunderWorks.   Read on to see what she found out!   Today, I have a really useful, but adorable product for your little detective dog.  Okay, so for any dog really, I just thought it was funny since Pansy helps investigate products.  This product is from... ThunderWorks ! I received the ThunderCoat 2in1 Combo Pack that also comes with a ThunderShirt.  This coat is done in the Trench Coat style (perfect for any detective dog that has to do some investigating outside), and it even has a  little removable hood.  So, you have the ThunderShirt (it snaps into the inside of the ThunderCoat and is removable) to ease your furry friend's anxiety and the ThunderCoat keeps your pet warm! Here is a little bit about ThunderWorks... " As the name ThunderShirt implies, thunder and noises was the first fear we tackled, but along the way, we