Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cold, Cold and More Cold!

Hey Neighbors!

I think I am ready for spring.  We are presently experiencing another cold snap.  It went from 25 this afternoon and now it is 7 and feels like -14.  Tomorrow we are actually going to reach 9.  Nine degrees!  That is with a wind chill of -20.  I mean you walk out of your home and your nostrils freeze.

What type of weather are you experiencing?  I am sure there are some who are having it much colder than here.  Of course my southern friends think it is cold when they hit anything below 40.  My family has decided that once it reaches this cold, it is just plain cold.  It really doesn't make mush difference if it is -20 or -30, it is just cold.

We were in northern Maine for a winter and we actually had a whole month that never got above 0.  The one day we had to travel a few hours, it was -40 with a wind chill of -75 wind chill.  Now, if that wasn't bad enough the rear window of our Suburban went down for loading, but wouldn't go back up.  So we traveled several hours in this weather all eight of us in the front seat and the second seat wrapped up in heavy winter clothing with blankets wrapped around us.  We were headed south, so after 3-4 hours the window finally went up.  Needless to say we unloaded without lowering the window and of course re-packed the same way.

What is your cold weather story?  Share one in the comments and perhaps we can do a post sharing some cold weather experiences.

Have a great night and stay warm wherever you are!

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ShellyH said...

Stay safe & warm Lori. We are in the cold snap too, -12 two nights ago and its not much better today.