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ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System

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Still doing last minute shopping?  How about a Professional Skin Care System (on sale for $39.95) from ToiletTree.  I really like this Skin Care System.  It has 1 Body Brush, 2 Face Brushes (1 soft and 1 medium), and a Pumice Stone.  This handy little tool runs on 4 AA batteries.  The 4 interchangeable attachments are easily changed out on the rotating head.  The tool is  water proof, so it is perfectly fine to take it in the tub or shower with you!  Ahhh... spa time! It comes in several choices of colors too!  Green, blue, purple (like mine), pink, grey or black, all with white of course.

Using this tool daily will help cleanse your skin, stimulate skin renewal, remove dead skin cells, energizes skin and enhances the absorption of moisturizers.  You can use the Skin Care System daily to help improve the condition of your skin.  Apply your facial cleaner to your face and then use the brush to gently clean your face.  The softer brush is to gently clean, while the medium brush is for exfoliation. The same applies to the body brush, apply your soap or cleanser and then use the brush to cleanse your skin.

For the pumice stone you can choose to use wet or dry.  Do not use on your face, but you can use it on your elbows.  Immerse foot in water to soften and them lightly pat to remove some water, leaving the foot slightly damp.  Then slowly, in circular motions apply the pumice to your foot or elbow.  This will remove dead skin.  Apply a moisturizer when you are finished.

The ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System is easy to use and only takes a few minutes a day.  I mean, you are going to shower or bathe, right?

I personally enjoy using this.  My face feels fresher and clean after use.  I also really like the pumice stone on my feet.  I have a tendency to run around barefoot all the time and the soles of my feet end up callused and cracked.  I know, I know, I should wear shoes, but barefoot is just me.  I take shoes off as soon as I can.

What type of regimen do you have for skin care?  Start taking care of your skin now.  I am sure most of us would benefit from using the ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System.

About ToiletTree:
ToiletTree Products began with a simple holiday gift from Mom. After receiving a fogless mirror as a Christmas present in 2008, Steven, who had always loved the concept of shaving in the shower, made it his mission to redesign the mirror that failed to stand up to its claims of being fog-free and unshakable wall adherence. Fed up with frustration and uneven shaves, Steven joined forces with his father and brother to design a mirror that not only stayed attached to the wall, but, most importantly, guaranteed a fogless face for life!
After many long months of brainstorming and testing prototypes, the trio took their design to manufacturing in January of 2010, where ToiletTree Products was finally born. A fun play on the word ‘toiletry,’ the company takes its name from the category in which their creations fall: bathroom products! In only a mere six months, ToiletTree’s Fogless Shower Mirror made its debut on, earning the title of Amazon’s #1 top-selling beauty product by Christmas of 2010. Due to the overwhelming number of customer requests, ToiletTree’s Fogless Shower Mirror expanded its line to include the Deluxe LED Mirror, as well as one fit for travel and On-The-Go. Today, ToiletTree Products rounds out its brand with the addition of other new essential bathroom products including nail clippers, face cleanser, oral irrigator and a collection of Bamboo bathroom accessories. A family-run company, ToiletTree Products takes great pride in providing consumers with unique and innovative products of only the highest quality.

Thanks for stopping by At the Fence! Please take time to check out ToiletTree and consider their Professional Skin Care System as a gift!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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