Monday, December 23, 2013

TastyKake Treats! Great for Holiday Snacking!

Hi Neighbors!

As everyone is gearing up for holidays, family gatherings and friends dropping in, I want to share some Tastykake products with you!  We received a sampling of the Tastykake Holiday products!  They were literally disappearing before my eyes as I unpacked the box.  My oldest daughter (28) said she really likes Tastykakes and wishes they were sold around here.  As we travel quite a bit she has had some of the Tastykake products, but no one here carries them.

My 16 year old immediately grabbed and his some of the Coconut treats.  She really likes coconut, so she took a box to hide for herself.  They are the Coconut Frosty Kakes, a dark chocolate covered coconut kake.  My husband liked these too!

The Candy Cane Kakes were a family favorite!  I think everyone liked these.  A layered white cake with red peppermint creme' and  a white peppermint flavored coating with a decorative red drizzle.  They are very eye-catching too!

The last snack we received was a  tasty creme-filled vanilla cake with holiday icing and festive sprinkles. They are called Santa Kakes, but are basically decorated cupcakes.  These were also well liked.

My problem was limiting how many Tastykakes each person could have.  My daughters (all 4) went away for a girl's night trip and grabbed plenty of Tastykakes to take on their trip.  They used them as a snack traveling and of course in the hotel room.

We have the Tastykakes in a glass bowl on our dining room table for easy access.  These would make a perfect snack for a holiday party!  Be sure to keep a variety on hand for those unexpected guests.  Be sure you visit their website, preferably when you aren't hungry! LOL! Then hop over and follow them on their social media pages.
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Have a great holiday! See you soon At the Fence!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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