Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Shelties LOVE the Snow!

HI Neighbors!

Check out the Shelties playing in the snow.  We had our first good snow.  It left a few inches on the ground and the dogs loved it!  They chased each other around and kept biting at the snow.  It was so funny!

Glory, our Tri Sheltie and Grace one of our sable and white Shelties, decided that snow was fun! Jubilee and Pansy stayed inside for this play session!

Glory has decided it definitely is not spring as advertised above!

Grace likes sticking her nose in the snow!

A wild romp across the yard quickly ensued!

They really had quite a bit of fun!  I am sure I will be sharing more pictures as winter progresses!  Enjoy! And see you soon, At the Fence!


scottsgal said...

I love watching dogs romp through the snow. Love your pics! Our 9 month old dobe/shepherd mix puppy loves the snow too - we have to entice her back inside with an ice cube - ha.

Merry Christmas!

Barbara Montag said...

They are beautiful dogs!
Thanks for sharing the delightful pictures.