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Cash Cache from Money Savvy!

Money Savvy Generation: Helping Kids Get Smart About Money

Hey Neighbors!

I am going to tell you I really like this company!  Money Savvy Generation teaches children and teens about dealing with money.  I really appreciate that.  So few children today are even taught how to handle money.  Parents generally do not teach their children about finances and most public schools definitely do not.  I am telling you I have seen it and so has my son who works at a bank.  Have you ever handed a cashier a $10 bill to pay for something that was say, $6.52 and after they have entered the $10 into the register told them you had the change?  I have had many of them freeze on me and and tell me they already put the amount into the register and they can't figure out how much to give you back.  Or, they go into the bank and can't fill out a deposit slip properly, or they can't write a check.  My son has seen this over and over.

Anyway, Money Savvy Generation's Cash Cache will help your child learn how to handle their finances.  We received the Cash Cache, which my daughter has been begging for.  It is a personal organizer for finances, filled with helpful information.  Included in the organizer is a handbook, that is perfect for you to read through with your child.  Next are forms for them to keep track of their goals, spending, saving, etc.  Then you will find in the organizer zippered storage bags for them to divide up their cash and keep track of their funds. There are also templates on their website where you can download more of the Goal Sheets and other forms.

Money Savvy does a superb job of teaching about how to control your money.  There are little tips and tricks throughout the handbook to encourage your child to save and to make wise decisions.  It is not all about not spending, but spending wisely.  And, yes, they even show how to fill out a check.

This is perfect for young teens and I highly recommend this to my homeschooling friends!  M is already reading through her handbook and has set a short term goal.  She is excited about reaching said goal. Your child will learn about dividends, bull market, loans, cds (certificate of deposit), credit cards and more.  I wish I had owned a cash cache when I was young.  I can not say enough about what a benefit I think this would be for most youth.

Cash Cache has also won several awards.  This product is recommended for ages 12-16.  Moey Savvy has several other products for teens and younger children to teach them about money.  As a side note, I really like their banks too!  See the one below!

The Cash Cache would make a great gift ($19.99). You and your child could start the 2014 year off teaching them to handle their finances.  It is better to learn now, rather than having to learn as an adult.  Money Savvy Generation - Helping kids get smart about money.

A little from their about page:
I am Susan Beacham and I have a dream. I am the mother of two girls. I was also a private banker, who repeatedly saw in my professional life how painful and difficult it was for my adult clients to deal with even the most basic concepts of personal finance. In 1999 I decided to do something about this and co-founded Money Savvy Generation with my husband, Michael.
My dream is to teach money management basics to elementary school aged children, a segment of our educational system virtually untouched because of the perceived complexity of the subject matter. Stated differently, I wanted to get "out in front" of money management behavior before bad habits set in. To start to make my dream come true I went into my local schools on a volunteer basis to teach my "Mrs. Money Talks Money" eight week curriculum. Armed with my Money Savvy Pig and motivating experiences with these school children, along with the responsibility I felt toward my own children, the Money Savvy Kids Basic Personal Finance Curriculum came into existence.

Please consider a Cash Cache or maybe a Money Savvy Piggy Bank from Money Savvy Generation as a gift.  It is the perfect time and they can start their year off saving and learning to spend wisely.  One neighbor will receive a Cash Cache from Money Savvy.  This giveaway will not end in time for this gift to make it to you for the holidays.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook - HERE.  You can also follow their blog - HERE.

Take time to enter this great giveaway. Thanks for stopping by today, I'll see you soon, At the Fence!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Marissa M said…
Their goal is to teach money management at a young age so that as adults the children will have a better understanding of their finances!
Darlene said…
I learned that over 1 million kids have developed money smarts with this bank.
rubynreba said…
I learned that a retail store where I may purchase their products is located near us in Urbandale, IA.
Alina Hahn said…
I didn't realize that they had books and other types of banks. Also you can start as young as 4 and they even have programs for teens.
pmj said…
I like that they have information for parents, teens, and kids.
Angela Saver said…
I learned they also have the Money Savvy Pig Puppet for children who are too young to handle money. It is really cute for little kids! I also learned they have a location in Kansas City, MO.

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