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Kodak Alaris Photo Kiosk

Hey Neighbors! The winter holidays are almost over.  Now, what do you do with all those pictures you have taken?  I don't know how many pictures I have taken that are just stored on a disc, or on a computer, not to mention all the older pictures stored in bins.  I have a solution for you, Kodak Alaris Photo Kiosks allow you to print off your photos in various sizes so you can share them with friends and family.  You can also order gifts! You can choose to make a photo book, put your photo on a coffee mug, button, create calendars or cards, there are so many options.  You can create a lasting memory with your holiday photos. From Kodak: The KODAK Picture Kiosk lets you make prints and enlargements in just seconds. You can make prints from your digital camera card or from other prints. You can even make prints from your camera phone. Once you upload or scan your pictures into the KODAK Picture Kiosk, you can improve your pictures with quick and easy edits like zoom and cr

Personal Planners for the New Year!

Hi neighbors! I don't know about you, but I am really quite disorganized at times.  If I don't jot down a small note to remind myself of things I need to do, I would really forget quite a few things.  My daughter laughed one day because I had 10-15 sticky notes stuck around the edges of my computer to remind me of activities I needed to accomplish that day.  Anyway, I was given the opportunity to review a Personal Planner from .  You actually get to design the way you want your planner to look and what you want on the pages. I received a code and proceeded to the Personal Planner webpage.  You literally get to design your planner.  You can choose themes from their site.  I personalized the front of my planner with my name and the year.  You can choose a picture from your own files for the front if you like.  Inside on the first page I added a Bible verse and my contact information, just in case I misplace my planner.   Next choose when

$10 GC Giveaway Winner's Choice

Hey neighbors! I have a new giveaway, sponsored by my husband.  We are going to do a giveaway for a $10 Gift Card to one of three places.  The winner will get to choose a $10 Gift Card to either McDonalds, Sonic or Wendy's!  Is that exciting?  I am going to run it the entire month of January. We will start out with the mandatory entry and of course the regular entries, but then I will add extra entries throughout the month. Some will be for one entry, others will be for more.  So, the mandatory entry will be to tell me in a comment one thing you are going to try to change or improve this year. Remember this will run the entire month of January so start entering now!  Thanks for stopping by, At the Fence!

Some News and Updates

Hey neighbors! I have notified all winners of giveaways that have ended.  Not all winners have responded yet.  I am allowing a little extra time due to the holidays and everyone's busy schedule.  If they do not respond I will be choosing other winners. To all winners who have already responded, your information has been forwarded to the sponsors.  Please remember that winning emails will be sent from blessed6mom at or atthefence at  The subject line will  read, "You won At the Fence!" I have some nice giveaways coming up in the next week or two, so please be sure to stop by At the Fence for a visit to find out what is going on here. Some new changes to At the Fence this coming year.  I will be rating products reviewed with a new ranking system.  I will use a sign that will have anywhere from 1-5 symbols to rate the product.  The symbols may change with the seasons. 1 symbol - Not Satisfactory 2 symbols - Not That Great 3 symbols - Average

The Wet Brush! Fantastic!

Hey Neighbors! I have to tell you I was skeptical regarding this next product.  It is called The Wet Brush ($14)!  The whole idea is that it does not pull your hair, like a regular brush does.  Now, with 4 daughters, and of course myself, all having long hair, we end up with quite a few knots that need removed.  Sometimes it is from a day of play, or sleeping, but recently we had one back into a fly strip.  We ended up with a sticky knot!  I sent her in to immediately shampoo her hair and then I brushed out her hair for her.  We used The Wet Brush.  It worked!  I had already noticed that The Wet Brush did not pull like our other brushes and combs, but this really impressed me. Now, after each one showers I notice that my brush goes missing.  It also disappears first thing in the morning and I have to hunt it down.  I am beginning to think we may have to purchase a couple more.  Or maybe I should have them each purchase their own and hide mine! The same daughter who backed i

Our Shelties LOVE the Snow!

HI Neighbors! Check out the Shelties playing in the snow.  We had our first good snow.  It left a few inches on the ground and the dogs loved it!  They chased each other around and kept biting at the snow.  It was so funny! Glory, our Tri Sheltie and Grace one of our sable and white Shelties, decided that snow was fun! Jubilee and Pansy stayed inside for this play session! Glory has decided it definitely is not spring as advertised above! Grace likes sticking her nose in the snow! A wild romp across the yard quickly ensued! They really had quite a bit of fun!  I am sure I will be sharing more pictures as winter progresses!  Enjoy! And see you soon, At the Fence!

Road Rippers Mobile Command Remote Controlled Car

Hi Neighbors! My husband decided to write this post for me.  Here is what he wrote: Have we got a toy for you here, At the Fence!  In fact the box reads ages seven and up, but with this nifty Road Rippers remote control vehicle, buyers could go all the way up to Dad's age!  Everyone knows that when dad buys a remote control vehicle for his son, he is just waiting for a chance to play kid again!  And this RC is high class with an easy-to-hold controller, not like some that are too bulky or too small to be utilized comfortably.  This design by Road Rippers is full function and you might ask, "What does that mean?"  How about a Mobile Command Unit with full motion, yes, that's right, it turns in all directions and races, yes, I said races, forward and in reverse!  Nonstop action!  Very durable the Road Ripper remote control is of course, completely wireless, no wires to get tangled when you are the driver of this sleek sports car!  Mine is the Dodge Viper, one o

TastyKake Treats! Great for Holiday Snacking!

Hi Neighbors! As everyone is gearing up for holidays, family gatherings and friends dropping in, I want to share some Tastykake products with you!  We received a sampling of the Tastykake Holiday products!  They were literally disappearing before my eyes as I unpacked the box.  My oldest daughter (28) said she really likes Tastykakes and wishes they were sold around here.  As we travel quite a bit she has had some of the Tastykake products, but no one here carries them. My 16 year old immediately grabbed and his some of the Coconut treats.  She really likes coconut, so she took a box to hide for herself.  They are the Coconut Frosty Kakes, a dark chocolate covered coconut kake.  My husband liked these too! The Candy Cane Kakes were a family favorite!  I think everyone liked these.  A layered white cake with red peppermint creme' and  a white peppermint flavored coating with a decorative red drizzle.  They are very eye-catching too! The last snack we received was a  

Bedtime Peppa At the Fence!

Hey neighbors! Check out Bedtime Peppa!  She will join your child at bedtime.  She has a small blanket.  When you press her tummy, her cheeks glow pink and she sings a bedtime song.  She also sings a brand new day song.  Your child can count sheep with Peppa too! I love Peppa's accent.  She sounds just like a little girl we used to know.  Her name was Riley, which she pronounced Wiley!  Peppa will help your child enjoy bedtime! Love the giggles and oinks! Along with the Bedtime Peppa, we also received the Peppa Pig and the Muddy Puddles.  Perfect for reading after bathtime with the Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa set, and right before going to bed with Bedtime Peppa.  A cute little story about Peppa Pig who wants to play in the muddy puddles after the rain.  At the end of the book she, and her friend George, get to do just that! I think your child would really enjoy Peppa.  Bedtime Peppa is designed for ages 3 and up, just like the bath set.  Peppa is 11 inches tall a

Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa

Hey neighbors! This is one really cute bath time toy! Peppa pig is adorable to begin with, but this bath set is simply fun to play with.  Peppa, George, a tiny yellow tub and a brush are included in this set. Peppa is actually a little muddy, and with her brush and some warm water (actually the warm water does it) you can clean her up.  And George?  He squirts water! Out of his nose!  My children found this extremely funny!  Peppa's little yellow tub has suction cups on one side, so you can attach it to the side of your tub.  Please do not fill the tub anywhere else, like your dining room table as there are drain holes in the bottom.  We found this out when my daughter thought she could fill the tub while it was sitting on the dining room table.  At least it was easy clean up! Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa is from Fisher Price.  It is recommended for ages 3 and up.  Your youngster will have fun playing with Peppa and George at bath time.  Just make sure you are not close

ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System

Hi neighbors! Still doing last minute shopping?  How about a Professional Skin Care System  (on sale for $39.95) from ToiletTree .  I really like this Skin Care System.  It has 1 Body Brush, 2 Face Brushes (1 soft and 1 medium), and a Pumice Stone.  This handy little tool runs on 4 AA batteries.  The 4 interchangeable attachments are easily changed out on the rotating head.  The tool is  water proof, so it is perfectly fine to take it in the tub or shower with you!  Ahhh... spa time! It comes in several choices of colors too!  Green, blue, purple (like mine), pink, grey or black, all with white of course. Using this tool daily will help cleanse your skin, stimulate skin renewal, remove dead skin cells, energizes skin and enhances the absorption of moisturizers.  You can use the Skin Care System daily to help improve the condition of your skin.  Apply your facial cleaner to your face and then use the brush to gently clean your face.  The softer brush is to gently clean, while the

Swagbucks! I Just Joined!

Hey Neighbors! Have you ever heard of Swagbucks? They're a completely free, no strings attached site that rewards you for all of the things you're already doing online. Search, Watching Videos, Playing Games, Taking Surveys, Shopping and more - as you do these activities, you'll earn Swag Bucks, which are reward points that you can redeem for all sorts of gift cards in the Rewards Store. You can download their toolbar or download their OS and Android apps for more opportunities to earn. Choose the activities you like or have time for - how much you earn is up to you!    I've used Swagbucks for 3 days and so far I've earned 230 Swagbucks. You can do the same!    To sign up for Swagbucks, click this link refer/atthefence    and join me. You can use my code  Atthefence64 and earn 70 extra Swagbucks for signing up. To enter registration codes, you should click the text that reads "I have a sign up code" as you're init