Saturday, November 16, 2013

Planning a Florida Wedding!

Hi Neighbors!

No I am not planning a wedding.  I am happily married, and none of my children are planning a wedding anytime soon.  I am wondering though, if you were planning a wedding in southern Florida, where would you want it to be held?  What type of wedding would you be planning?

Just take a quick look with me if you would at the Boca Raton wedding venues that are available.  You might choose to have your wedding in one of the many churches in Boca Raton.  Or perhaps you are more the type who would prefer to rent a huge hall to have the wedding and/or reception..  Several of the hotels have large banquet halls or other rooms where a wedding could be held.  Even some of the country clubs will rent out their halls for a wedding.  Another choice would be an outside wedding at a park or beach.

Your final choice will depend on the amount you wish to spend and how much you want to have already provided for you.  Do you want them to handle the food preparation or are you going to cater the wedding and have it brought in?  Are they going to provide the floral arrangements and decorations, or do you want to have a more hands on approach and arrange these things by yourself?

Of course not only do you have a wide variety of choices regarding where the wedding and reception would be held if you choose Boca Raton, but you have many choices for ordering flowers, dresses, catering and any other needs you might have.  And choices of hotels for the first night of the honeymoon?  They have it all!

Now I personally like small weddings with just family and close friends, held at our local church.  We all work together to provide the decorations, flowers and food.  We've even been known to help sew the gowns!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the information.  See you soon, At the Fence!

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ARWmamaoffive said...

Mrs. Lyman - *whew* this post almost got me too excited! I thought I was fixing to get some exciting news! :) I read this post before I read the giveaway for Go-Gurt - so this is my comment for the giveaway, as well as letting you know that you GOT me this time :)

Coolestmommy said...

I'm already married, but we have talked about renewing our vows...I'd prefer someplace warm. Florida would be a great place to go. Thanks for the information!