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K'NEX Education

Hey Neighbors!

Before we even get started I want to state here that the K'NEX Education sets are perfect gifts and great for homeschoolers.  My daughters had fun helping me build some of the projects and we will probably work on more during the school year.  I received 4 different K'NEX Education sets for review:
Force and Newton's Laws-$59.99
Investigating Solar Energy-$69.99
Exploring Wind and Water Energy-$69.99
Simple and Compound Machines-$59.99

These sets are designed for grades 5-9, but I am sure even slightly older children would enjoy these.  Each kit comes in one of the K'NEX green tubs and has everything you need to design several projects, other than a battery or two might be required for some of the projects.

I personally am impressed with the projects found in each set.  There are simple, easy to build designs, and some more complex, intricate projects that each come with pictured instructions of how to put them together..  The Force and Newton's Laws has a simple Rolling Racer, which runs by rubber band power.  We also did the Wind Racer that is powered by wind.  The most difficult in this set is a Pull String Flywheel Racer. The pictures below are the Wind Racer.

In the Exploring Wind and Water Energy set we built the Sail Car.  We are planning on building the Windmill and the Wind Powered  Water Lift.  I really wish we could have built everything before the post, but I think it would have taken us too long.  And of course I hate to spoil the fun of you building your own.  We think the Hydro Car looks pretty interesting too!

For the Simple and Compound Machines we did a Hammer and a Tow Truck.  The Carousel is going to be our big project in this set.  The first two pictures are off the hammer.

These pictures are from building the tow truck.  The winch actually cranks up and down.

The last kit, Investigating Solar Energy is much like the above sets except of course it focuses on creating products that work on solar energy.  Instead of opening and experimenting with this one, we have decided to give this one away!  So be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post.

You can use the K'NEX Education kits to teach your child about simple and compound machines and how they work.  They will learn about solar power or perhaps how water can be used to power machines.

I really like K'NEX anyway, but I LOVE the Education kits.  We have had a couple of the roller coasters, but as a homeschooler I really appreciate educational products that not only educate, but they are fun!  Imagine your child learning science lessons and enjoying it while they do.  Each of these sets has an online teacher's guide you can print off.  Start thinking science projects!

Had to add this.  We just finished the Three Wheel Spring Racer from the Force and Newton's Laws kit.  It has a pull back and release mechanism you attach, so it moves.  Looks really neat too!  The pieces below....

became this Three Wheel Spring Racer.  Just pull back and watch it go!

Sorry, one more share.  Look at the carousel my 16 year old built from the Simple and Compound Machines kit.  Watch the video, we even added music.

The carousel spins with a crank and the little seats and animal shapes swing and move as it spins around.  We took some close up pictures so you could see some of the detail.

Are you interested?  I am extremely pleased with the K'NEX Education Sets.  I recommend them to my homeschooling neighbors as well as anyone who has children who like to create.  Be sure to consider K'NEX in your gift giving.  You can find them on their social media.

Remember that K'NEX also has a club for children.  You can find out more at their website.  They also have a page for parents.  Here you can learn more about K'Nex and they even have an Education Lesson plans page for parents.  Visit their website and learn more!

Be sure to enter the giveaway for the K'NEX Investigating Solar Energy kit and please share this with others!  As I will be shipping this out, this is open to the continental US only.

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with us here At the Fence!  Look forward to seeing you soon!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive product for review purposes.  All quotes in red are taken from the sponsor's email or website.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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karenmed409 said…
I am interested in the KID K'NEX Transportation set, he can use his imagination and build his own and see how the parts interact with other
Sharon Schoepe said…
I'm interested in the Simple and Compound Machines set.
Nancy said…
The Investigating Solar Energy and the Simple and Compound Machines Sets sound especially interesting.
Steph said…
I think the Exploring Wind and Water Energy kit sounds really neat.
Miranda said…
Love the transportation set
I am most interested in the Simple and Compound Machines.
Mary said…
I like the Exploring Wind & Water Energy Kit. They all are interesting!
Kim said…
I think the Wind and Water Energy and the Solar Energy kits look really interesting.
Kim said…
I think the Wind and Water Energy and the Solar Energy kits look really interesting.
Unknown said…
I think that we would love to try our had at the Solar Energy power one
ARWmamaoffive said…
I can definitely imagine that we would have fun with simple and compound machines! :)
Jessica said…
Wow I like all of them! The Simple and Compound Machines set looks really neat. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

girlygirlugh at gmail dot com
Unknown said…
They all look like so much fun, my son would probably like the newton's law the best though because it has cars, they all are awesome though.
LauraJJ said…
Oh we would love any, but the Wind and Water looks so neat!
Kristen said…
I like the Exploring Wind and Water Energy set.

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